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Why journey to success is more important than destination?

“So I’ve come this far…”

Looking back on the progress I’ve made over the years, I can definitely say I’m better off where I am now than where I was before. I’m someone who desperately attempts to remain positive in every I’m someone who desperately attempts to remain positive in every situation, but I am also someone very plagued by the horror of overthinking. No matter how old I get or how much I accomplish, the one lingering question that stays in the back of my mind is “Why do I feel like I’m not moving forward?”

It’s easy to compare ourselves to others. It’s easy for us to notice what we don’t have that others do. It’s easy to feel intimidated by someone else’s level of success. The habit of making comparisons is so toxic and, if left to thrive, it will gain the power to kill us. The journey is basically all about forgetting and moving forward.

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It is important that you never forget how hard you’ve been trying all this time. Even if you don’t see the progress, it’s there. You’ve learnt something new. You’ve met new people -whether they’re there for a season or for a lifetime. You’ve climbed the ladder of success, taken steps backward, and climbed again with a new, determined step.

Success is a journey
Success is a journey

As someone ambitious, at times you may feel as though you are moving too fast in a world that doesn’t fit you. Your environment can’t keep up with your pace. This may often lead to a feeling of being stuck in one place. You don’t feel comfortable not moving forward, but it’s not like you’re not trying. Circumstances around you at this point are determining what happens in your life and you can’t stand the idea that nothing is helping you to grow.

But here’s the breakthrough. Your answer to those agonizing questions of why you can’t move forward are right there in front of you. All you have to do is be open enough to see it. In a place of discomfort where you cannot move forward, you must acknowledge these things:

  1. Everyone’s timeline is different. Everyone is different, period. Learn how to accept that you are not and you never will be anyone else.
  2. Reflection is key to learning about yourself. Hearing who you are from other people is not enough to teach you about yourself and how
    others see you. Look back on what you’ve said and done.
  3. You HAVE been working very hard. It’s not said enough, but mental progress is just as important as every other progress.
  4. Complaining is the barrier between ‘Successful’ and ‘Stuck’. Quit complaining
  5. “So I’ve come this far…” Reward yourself. Reward yourself for organizing your thoughts and allowing yourself to be thankful for all that you’ve been through

So I’ve come this far. I’m not where I used to be. I’m not who I used to be. I’m closer to being me I want to be. I’m thankful for my progress.

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“There is no stopping the souls who know they can thrive through endless thorns. They are aware that roses lie at the top. They won’t give up.”

This is my ‘journey’. This is our journey! Don’t forget to share your journey experiences in the comment section.

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