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Vajrasana Pose: How to do, benefits & Tips

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self and to the self”. –An axiom from the Bhagvad Gita motivates to learn the best about oneself.

Yoga and meditation are amazing practices to conquer peace of mind, a better body and sanity in hectic world. Vajrasan, a beacon of inner peace, is considered a very good meditative state to feel relaxed and cultivate a vibrant spirit.

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A kneeling pose of Vajrasan  also known as the diamond pose or the thunderbolt pose, have vanquished the appellation from the Sanskrit word- ‘Vajra’ meaning ‘diamond or thunderbolt’, and ‘asana’ which means ‘pose’. This is also known as the Adamantine pose.

How to bring it to function?

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Every pose of yoga requires apt knowledge about how to bring it to pass and proper steps to implement it. And to supervene the correct diamond pose, have a look on the steps below :

  1. Kneel down, stretching the lower legs backward and keeping them together. The big toes and heels should be held as closely as possible.
  2. Gently lower the body such that buttocks are resting on the heel and thighs on the calf muscles.
  3. Hands should be placed on the knees and gaze set forward with head absolutely straight. Chin should be parallel to the floor.
  4. Attention is to be turned to breathing. Be fully aware of how u breathe and observe the inhalation and exhalation carefully.
  5. Eyes should be closed to concentrate on breathing and to calm the min.
  6. Try to bring it to pass for a duration of 5 to 10 minutes minimum.

Why to Implement?

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Yoga is supposed to perform on an empty stomach, but the best the news is, the thunderbolt pose can be safely be performed when your tummy is full. This  pose promotes proper digestion. It reduces the blood flow to legs, increasing blood circulation in the pelvis region and the belly area l, thus promoting enhanced and efficient digestion.

Also, benefits of Vajrasan include:

  • Relieving/preventing constipation
  • Strengthening pelvic muscles
  • Reducing discomfort for lower back pain
  • Improving concentration based performance
  • Strengthening legs and thigh muscles
  • Helping to reduce obesity
  • Helping to relieve knee pain
  • Strengthening sexual organs
  • Helping to relieve menstrual cramps
  • Helping keep the mind calm and stable.

What to Care About?

Yoga practitioners suggest avoiding the Adamantine pose if one have:

  • A knee problem/have recently undergone knee surgery
  • A spinal cord condition, especially one with the lower vertebrae
  • Intestinal ulcers, a hernia, or any other intestinal problem.

A pregnant woman must consult  the doctor whether to perform the diamond pose or not, depending on her health status. And people with stiff ankle can support the joints by rolling a towel underneath to support the ankle arch.

Vajrasan is condone among the best to harmonize your body, mind and inner self, but to make it happen correctly and properly is a must!!

Tips to Excell:

As a beginner, when one assume this position, pain in legs is the first thing likely to occur. If such condition arises, all one need to do is undo the asana, stretch the legs forward. Giving massage to ankles, knees and calf muscles proves to be a good idea in reliving the pain.

The beginners should work slowly and gradually to strengthen the muscles in the lower back before going deeper into the pose or enhancing the duration.

And to extract the best output and benefits l, practice more and more !!!


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