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12 signs to watch out for that show you are in depression

  • Are you surrounded by constant feeling of loneliness?
  • Are you indifferent towards other people?
  • Do you lie all day on bed doing nothing?
  • Are you dominated by negative thoughts?

If yes then these signs indicate that you are depressed. While such kind of feelings are experienced by people in one point of time in their life due to stress, tension or problems.

These symptoms decrease gradually with time but if it is persistently longer and increasing day by day then action needs to be taken immediately. Let us see the 12 signs which loudly signal that you are suffering from depression.

Sleep pattern

Depression directly hits our sleep cycle very badly. There can be two consequence of depression on sleep pattern. A person either suffers from Insomnia: difficulty in sleeping or Hypersomnia: excessive drowsiness. Sometimes it is very difficult to have a sound sleep or feel sleepy at irregular times.

Mood cycles

If something is bothering us from inside, a huge volcano starts forming very rapidly. These changes in the brain cause fluctuations in mood can be seen such as being too sad or too happy. Some people get sudden outbursts, while some keep feelings hidden till they are tired of suffocation.

Low self-esteem

When an individual is depressed he/she finds everything going wrong with them or the whole world is conspiring against them which only triggers more depression. They blame themselves, get a deep inferiority complex, consider oneself unworthy of any task etc. These useless and unnecessary thoughts build a circle of pessimism around them.

Disinterest in activities

When the brain and heart do not go in sink feelings of delight or entertainment is not experienced. A sad mood can destroy our usually loved activities to a large extent. Boycotting events, parties, hobbies, and outing with family and friends is a major sign of depression.

Unknown exhaustion

Episodes of depression create an illusion that our brain is tired even though it is not. Unnecessary stress, negative thoughts and overthinking create an impression of fatigue. Doing nothing all day long makes the body and mind lethargic, hence giving way to a frequent feeling of tiredness.


Anxiety and depression go hand in hand. Feelings of fear can push you in depression or depression can make a person anxious. Signs of anxiety are fear, uneasiness, panic attacks, high-speed heartbeats, constant perspiration, withdrawal, involuntary tremors, and blankness.

Food intake

Depression can lead to either binge eating or no food consumption. As mood highly fluctuates an individual tends to eat more than usual food at irregular times even if not hungry because the brain releases the signal of hunger constantly. Sweets and junk are commonly eaten food. While on other hand depressive episodes can result in loss of appetite in people who fail to intake even required nourishment to the body. Skipping meals is a common symptom.


Apathy is the lack of feelings or emotions, concern, interest and social interaction with people. A depressed person experiences the feeling of fury, irritability, crying without reason and mood swings. The feelings are not under one’s control and thus sense that events are going wrong due to their fault.

Difference in behaviour

When the brain is fully under influence of negativity, guilt, fear and sad thoughts then a change in person’s behaviour can be seen. They laugh loudly at small things or emotional mess like crying or laughing together, lost in thoughts, expressionless face and non-stop sentimental pattern.

Suicidal thoughts

When a person constantly gets negative thoughts, anxious feelings and face irregular happenings in life then all these symptoms compels them to consider upon giving up their life as it will end all the problems. Therefore a solution to an issue is seen in self-hurt, planning and attempting suicide.


When a person is fed up of depressive illness and in order to get rid of depression he/she tends to slip into drugs, alcohol, risky behaviours or hazardous tasks to escape from the dejected feelings.

Unclear cause of bodily discomfort

The mental trauma causes pain in the head, abdomen, and back. When there is a lot of uneven fluctuations and disturbance in mood, behaviour, and lifestyle then these changes can take the physical form that is the prime cause of disruption mentally and physically.

Millions experience episodes of depression in their daily life. Instead of losing hope seeking help from a family member or a psychologist is necessary to get rid of it. Depression is not a deadly disease but just a mood disorder that can target anyone. Every life is precious so if depressive signs are witnessed a person should not be ashamed to take guidance from a therapist for stable mental health.

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