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How To Protect Your Aura From Negative Energy?

The unique ambience or energy which is ethereal yet beaming that seems to encircle and originate from a place, person or thing. In simple words, auras are vibes or forewarning that an individual gets about a place, person or thing as prima facie. Auras are related to the electromagnetic field of the human body which serve as a perceptible measure of the human physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states. Let’s know how to protect your aura from negative energy?

It is believed that when two individuals communicate they exchange energies between themselves. It is possible that you pick up the negative energies often while communicating with people. But you must remember to have a positive and active mind as it is believed that being positive improves mind strength and thereby results in peace of mind. If you are at peace you will be able to think right, take proper decisions in life which will contribute to your personal growth.

Even if you pick up negative energies, your positive attitude towards life can help you to sweep those negative energies. There are ways to prevent and liberate negative energies gathered from outside. The way you take care of and maintain hygiene for the material body likely the same way you should cleanse and purify your spiritual body. Some easy to implement ways to protect your aura are as follows:

Daily Meditation –

protect your aura

A regular practice of meditation for 20-30 minutes each day balances and strengthens the air around oneself. Meditation balance the emotions and controls the mental health thereby strengthens one’s aura. A strong aura does not allow any negative energy to accumulate within.

Deep Breathing –

protect your aura

Three deep breaths reduce the stress level, connects one with the universe, helps to calm down. Take 3 long deep breaths with eyes closed, it relaxes the mind and helps us to balance our emotions.

Using crystals –

protect your aura

Crystals have exquisite and high vibrations which improve physical, emotional and mental wellness. Crystals like amethyst, tiger eye when stimulated and worn or placed at home or workplace attract prosperity and drive away the negative energies.

Hematite is one of the notable crystals which protects one from negative energies. Hematite crystals are cheap and easily available in the market.

Rock Crystals or clear quartz is also known as “master healer”. It intensifies energies and thoughts. Clear quartz can be placed at home for a peaceful family.

Stay Grounded –

protect your aura

Staying grounded refers to staying in contact with the Mother Earth. Staying grounded is important because it creates a deep sense of connection with the Mother Earth and it gives a sense of peace to an individual. It is believed that when you are not grounded you are floating around in the cosmos with the and energies that can be toxic. There are many ways to remain grounded out of which the simplest way is to stand or walk barefoot on the ground in order to connect with the Mother Earth.

Using Sea Salt –

protect your aura

Salt is an easily available item. Cleansing with sea salt helps a great deal to purify and protect your aura. Salt water can also be used to spray and mop the floor in one’s home or establishments to invite prosperity and good luck.

Sound vibrations –

protect your aura

Sounds have energy healing power. Especially sacred chants, Sanskrit shlokas, chants, Tibetan chants, bells can create a vivacious environment around you and are also effective in removing negative energy.

Refrain yourself from negative or unnecessary thoughts-

There is no “delete” button in the human mind which can automatically delete the negative or unnecessary thoughts in you. Only with conscious effort, one can declutter the mind. Decluttering is the removal of waste or unwanted products which are mostly unused or are of no use anymore and are occupying space at homes or other establishments. We declutter things to get some free space. Just like decluttering one’s home one need to declutter one’s mind from negative or unnecessary thoughts as these negative thoughts accumulate and drain energy. We need to declutter our mind to get some free mind space. Negative thoughts can demotivate you from accomplishing desired ends. Refraining yourself from unnecessary thinking can contribute to having a positive and vigorous energy field around you.

Let us all create a little positivity in our lives with these simple steps for our betterment and also for the wellbeing of our loved ones.

Give them a try and let us know which aura cleansing technique worked best for you.

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