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7 Important Factors Startups Need to Consider before Opting for a Debt Consolidation Loan

Just like the individuals, businesses are also known to drown in huge amounts of unwanted debts. A loan is capable of taking up a huge part of the total revenue that you are collecting at the end of each month and this is what keeps stalling the business that you have. This is one of the most important reasons as to why the businesses, especially the ones that have just started, should control the financial situation so that they can ensure that all their debts are being cleared. A debt consolidation loan is one of the best ways which can help the startups to clear the debt that they are drowning in. Startup businesses shut down because of excess withstanding debt, as has reported.

Given below are a few tips that you need to keep in mind when you are considering to opt for a debt consolidation loan.

Taking action –

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You should keep in mind that you get the statements that depict all the business credits as well as bills. This is one of the most significant steps that the companies that are opting for debt consolidation keep in mind. This is because it is going to assist you to have knowledge about the various kinds of debts that your business has. You are going to have a much better understanding of the total debt that the business owes to the creditors. When you have knowledge about all your debts, it will become easier to choose the correct strategy of debt elimination and you will also be able to determine whether the debt consolidation loan is perfect for your business.

Seeking debt counseling service – 

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When you are overwhelmed by your huge amount of debt, you can be confused and disgusted regarding how you are going to handle your debts or opt for the debt consolidation credit. A business owner should be capable of seeking counsel from all the companies, which are known to specialize in debt consolidation for businesses. This is extremely important because the commercial services help the startup businesses to plan properly so that they can repay the debt. However, you need to keep in mind that a debt consolidation organization is going to need payment for all the services that they will provide.

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Checking all the other options that are available – 

Currently, the startups are known to have numerous choices that are available. Businesses, which have just started but have already accumulated a certain amount of debt, have the freedom of opting for the debt management plans and programs or a debt consolidation loan. Additionally, alternative options like getting a home equity loan or borrowing money from your retirement fund are also an option. Before you are taking the decision of consolidating the debts, you need to consider the various options that are available around you. This will ensure that you are taking an ideal decision for both yourself as well as your business.

Secured and unsecured loans – 

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Just like the normal loans, a debt consolidation loan is also available as a secured loan and unsecured loan. It is completely dependent on the financial situation that you are in or the credit score that you have. On basis of these two factors, you are going to be given secured debt consolidation loans or unsecured debt consolidation loans. The secured debt consolidation loan is known to offer a lower rate of interest and it is more appealing in comparison to an unsecured debt consolidation loan. However, the reduced rate of interest is not going to be of help if the business is going to face serious financial troubles. You are going to risk your home and various other personal assets, including your business, if by any chance you are defaulting on paying back the secured debt consolidation loan.

Categorizing the debts –

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When you are reviewing the debt statements, you have the option of categorizing the debts easily. This is going to help in listing all the loans, which require immediate payment and the ones that can be paid later on. This is crucial because it is going to help in determining all the loans, which require consolidation and the ones that do not. A business has the freedom of consolidating debts, which they owe to the creditors. They can also select only a few loans, which they are interested in consolidating.

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Comparing the consolidation options – 

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When you have already decided to consolidate the loans, it is crucial that you are not opting for the very first financier that you will come across. It is your responsibility to take a lot of time to try and compare the various terms as well as conditions, interest rates, fees, etc., that are offered by the various other debt consolidation organizations. This is significant because you need to know that various organizations are known to have various conditions for the debt consolidation service that they provide. You should not take a step forward until and unless you are sure that you have gained the ideal information. With the ideal information in your hand, it will be easy for you to choose financiers, who are going to suit the requirements of the business.

Having a proper understanding of the risks – 

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Consolidating a small business loan is not something that you should decide hastily. It is crucial that you take a lot of time for analyzing the risks that are involved before you are plunging in or making a decision, which you are going to regret later in your life. For instance, it is not suggested to turn the unsecured loans into secured debt consolidation loans. The reason behind this is that you might lose your assets in case if you are failing to clear your credit. This is one of the most important reasons as to why all the options should be reviewed carefully before you take a decision.


It is true that a startup business can come across a financial challenge at any time. Dealing with huge debts is also extremely overwhelming but if they can analyze their loans and go through the guidelines of a debt consolidation loan, they are not going to regret anything in the future.

Do you know any other important tips startups need to consider before opting for a debt consolidation loan? Let us know in the comments section!

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