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Alpaca Hiking Gear – Everything you need to know about!

It is critical to have the best clothing, equipment, and attitude possible when going into the great outdoors. Whether hiking, skiing, or camping, what you carry with you can make or break the experience. Before heading out into the wild, it is necessary to consider whether your apparel and accessories offer you these five qualities: protection, comfort, hygiene, convenience, and sustainability. Alpaca hiking gear provides all these benefits, plus more.  


When spending time outside, safety is a top priority. This becomes more pressing the more time you spend in nature, and it becomes downright imperative while sleeping outside or facing harsh conditions. Before going on an outdoor adventure, be sure to have clothing that will keep you safe from wind, rain, and cold. This includes bringing the right tops, layers, bottoms, undergarments, and hats. If that sounds overwhelming, there is an easy solution: Alpaca hiking gear provides superior-quality protection. Alpaca retains far more heat, and it absorbs significantly more moisture than wool. When you don layers made from alpaca, including underwear and hats, you are protecting yourself from several potential dangers. 


Of course, comfort is also essential to an enjoyable outdoor experience. Alpaca hiking gear is remarkably soft and breathable, helping you feel at ease as you move around. A combination of featherweight and moisture-wicking, alpaca, helps you feel more comfortable in all temperatures and on every trek. If it’s a balmy afternoon, alpaca will help you stay cool, and if it’s a freezing night, alpaca will keep you warm and toasty. 


Alpaca boasts almost 0% moisture absorption, which means you don’t need to worry about sweat or uncleanliness. On long adventures, it’s possible to re-use alpaca tops and bottoms numerous times because the unique fibers stave off bacteria and odor. 


The last thing anyone who spends time outdoors wants to worry about is carrying around heavy, unmanageable weight. Alpaca is so lightweight that it is easy to carry in backpacks. There’s no need to fret about bringing along a second hat or third shirt because the material is exceptionally light to transport. On the other hand, if you prefer to be minimalistic and bring very little on your excursions, the alpaca hiking gear on your body will remain clean and comfortable for days, allowing you the luxury of carrying very little at all.


It is essential to not only feel good in the clothing you wear but also to feel good about it. Choosing to purchase garments that are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free benefits the earth and your conscience. When you wear Peruvian alpaca, you are contributing to the sustainability of the planet. Unlike chemical-laden clothing that may take hundreds of years to degrade, alpaca is a renewable and biodegradable fiber that occurs naturally. What’s more, alpacas are a particularly beneficial creature because they cut grass rather than destroy it, therefore allowing nature to be replenished rather than depleted. Not only are alpacas helpful for the environment, but the royal alpaca is derived solely from free-range alpaca. Rather than contributing to industries that use material from confined animals or chemical treatments, you can opt to use gear that is part of the environment, not separate from it. Alpaca hiking gear is extraordinarily beneficial, allowing outdoorsy people to feel safe, comfortable, and clean no matter what the elements are doing. Best of all, by wearing alpaca, we are contributing to the sustainable betterment of the planet. 

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