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Tips in Finding the Right Swaddle Blanket for Your Baby

Numerous studies are highlighting the fact that when done correctly, swaddling offers various ways to let your baby sleep safely and soundly.

The American Academy of Pediatrics’ safe sleep guideline says keeping babies on their backs while sleeping is the best sleeping position. This sleeping position avoids Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and keeps them out of sleep-related diseases.

The same guidelines also mention that bumper pads, pillows, and blankets should be kept away from your baby’s crib. And that babies should be wrapped in a swaddle blanket for babies optimally and correctly.

Indeed, if correctly done, swaddles can stay in place, safely tucking your baby to sleep.

What are some benefits of swaddles?

Some of the benefits of swaddling include the following:

● Making the parents sleep well

● Decrease the baby’s startle reflex, thereby increasing his REM sleep — a stage vital to his brain development

● Decreases fussiness and colic, making the baby calm and happy

● Avoids overstimulation and keeps the baby comfortable in a womb-like environment

To experience all these benefits, it’s also essential to choose the right swaddle blanket for babies. Here are some factors you need to check before buying your baby swaddle.

Check the fabric used.

Make sure that the swaddle blanket uses a fabric that’s temperature regulating. Certain materials keep so much heat. These types of sheets can make your baby uncomfortable and can also cause them to overheat.

Remember that the baby’s body is not yet fully developed to regulate its temperature. Top that up with their tiny size, and it is effortless for them to become overheated. To avoid this, choose a fabric that’s moisture-wicking.  This quality of the material will keep your baby dry and warm without the danger of overheating.


Choose a flexible kind of fabric.

Some mothers believe that swaddling can hinder the hip development of their babies. To avoid this problem, you need to look for a swaddle that uses soft and flexible fabrics. This would be enough to make your baby’s hips, hands, and feet freely and comfortably move.

Don’t buy swaddles that hinder hip movement, as this can lead to hip dysplasia. Their legs and hips must be able to move freely, to keep your baby’s joint development on track. The baby swaddles need to be slightly tight on the torso part. If the swaddle bands are below your baby’s feet, this is still perfectly safe.

Mind the swaddle size

Your baby’s swaddle should perfectly fit so that your little one will still have a “shoulder room” on the fabric’s top edge. Though this may sound counter-intuitive since you might think that the shoulder should be kept below the sheet line, this placement might suffocate your baby. Such an arrangement can quickly move the fabric’s edge to the baby’s face.

If you keep the swaddle on the baby’s shoulder level, you make sure that there are no constraints on his shoulder joints. Look for a swaddle with a good and flexible fit that your baby can still use as he grows older.


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