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5 Fun Client Retention Gifts for Small Business Owners

Small business owners understand the importance of client retention. While getting new clients is always a huge win, it’s those clients that stick around year after year, dedicated to your brand, that are truly the basis for a solid business model. Plus, clients who stick around longer are more likely to suggest your services to others, and thereby help build your customer base. That’s a huge plus for any business owner or entrepreneur.

So, that said, it may cause you to ask, how do I keep clients coming back? The easiest way is just to offer a product that works well and amazing customer service to back it up. The best brands are those that clients know they can trust. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t additional tricks you can use to be extra sure that your most valuable accounts stay signed on. One strategy we always recommend is offering awesome client retention gifts. These are simple gifts that let your clients know you’re thinking of them. Below, check out our list of unique gift ideas that you can send clients along with a reminder to renew their contract.

1. Free eBook: 

A free eBook is a great way to keep your client apprised of what’s going on in your industry, while also letting them know that you’re a resource they can rely on for cutting edge information. Plus, with affordable online book printing options, it’s easier than ever to make informational guides for your clients. The free gift will certainly make them think of you the next time they go into the market looking for service.

2. Cool gear:

Everybody loves sweet branded merch. From a branded blanket to custom BIC lighters, you can rest assured that convenient items with your company’s logo on them around the house will make your clients remember you. Try sending these out every year around the holidays, or whenever you want to remind your client that it’s time to fill another order and sign on with your company for the next fiscal year. 

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3. Discounts for loyal customers:

 For clients who stick around for two years or more, it might be worthwhile to offer them a 5% or 10% discount when they renew their contract or fill another large order. Sure, this cuts down on your profits a tad, but not nearly so much as losing that client might. Plus, if new clients know that they can look forward to a future discount, they might be more likely to stick around. It’s just smart business. 

4. Loyalty gifts

Similar to the aforementioned discounts, offering your clients gifts like sports tickets, movie passes, or gift cards to restaurants is a great way to keep them coming back. People like perks – it’s basic psychology. Offering your clients the opportunity to get a free meal at a nice restaurant, or maybe tickets to the new show on ice rolling into town, lets them know that you care about them not just as business partners but as people, too. After all, trust is the basis of business. Building trust will keep clients around for possibly even decades. 

5. Customer newsletter: 

Okay, so this one isn’t technically a gift, but it’s still a great way to retain your clients. Clients who have remained true to your brand want to know how your business is doing. Whether it’s because you help them max out their profits or because they’ve come to know you personally, clients value an update. By sending out a quarterly newsletter informing clients of your successes, you let them know that you’re still strong and growing – which means service for them will be better!

The bedrock of good business is the trust between client and provider. As you develop your brand, it’s always worth spending time thinking about how you will make yourself a trustworthy business partner for all your clients in the future. Client retention gifts can go a long way to establishing that trust and letting clients know how important they are to you. Whether your business has the liquidity to purchase expensive event tickets for loyal clients, or you opt for a simple gesture like branded hats, the effort is sure to be noticed. 

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