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Answers to Important Questions about Male Hair Loss

If you’re one those who suffer from balding by the time you hit thirty, things can feel pretty hopeless. A study showed that around 42% of men aging between 18 to 49 years old suffer from moderate to extensive hair loss. The same survey also revealed that as men age, the degree of hair loss they experience increased by 53% (for men within 40-49 age range) and 16% (for men within 18 to 29 age bracket).

While these numbers may not be good news, it’s somewhat comforting to know that you’re not alone. Search for mens hair regrowth California and connect with hair loss experts in the area to help you deal with your hair loss problems.

If you’re unsure whether to visit an expert or not, here are some essential questions you should ask yourself to assess your condition initially.

How can you tell that you’re going bald?

Hair loss is not synonymous with getting bald. There are various factors causing hair loss, while male pattern baldness is identified as a genetic condition.

If you randomly lose patches of your hair, chances are, you may be suffering from alopecia. Alopecia is a condition that can affect any gender and is characterized by losing patches of hair in different parts of the body. Worst cases of alopecia can lead to loss of hair in all parts of the body.

Alopecia is also traced to have autoimmune and hereditary factors, and it’s different from male pattern baldness.

If your hair loss happens in a fixed receding pattern (or it starts from the temples to the crown of your head), then you might have male pattern baldness.

Now that you’ve initially assessed your condition, you can now get help and expert advice from mens hair regrowth in California clinics.

How fast will your hair shed?

Almost 85% of men aging 50 years old and above experience hair thinning. For some, this condition starts as early as in their twenties. It usually takes around 15 to 25 years before one can go completely bald.

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In some cases, though, men became bald in as short as five years. It’s impossible to determine how long the balding process takes.

Is my hair loss problem genetic?

For people who suffer from male pattern baldness, your hair loss is caused by your body’s increased sensitivity to androgen or the male sex hormone. The degree to which the scalp is adversely affected is hereditary.

You may suffer from hair loss due to surgical procedures, hormone level change, scalp infections, illness, or stressful circumstances. The good news is hair loss caused by these cases is only temporary.

Can sexual frustration or emotional stress lead to baldness?

Yes, some cases of hair loss are highly-associated with extreme stress. If you observe that your hair is shedding at unpredictable times or in clumps, consult your doctor as this might be a symptom of another condition. This hair loss may be related to stress but not likely associated with sexual frustration.

What can you do if you suffer from hair loss?

If you’re within California or somewhere near it, you can visit Dr. Robert Nettles’ clinic at Stop and Regrow. They can evaluate your exact condition and advise appropriate courses of action to remedy your hair loss problem.

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