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Best Outdoor Furniture Glides you should know about!

When you buy new furniture with fluffed cushions and perfectly polished wooden frame, it all looks very lush while placed outdoors. With the passage of time and consistent use of this furniture, it seems they require a makeover. You change the covers of the cushions and also get the wood polished but what about the ends of the furniture’s legs?

The outdoor furniture glides are specifically designed to protect the furniture as well as the floor from scratches. These glides are also known as ‘floor protectors’. Though being a minute thing to consider, they clearly keep the place and the furniture tidy and strong.

They do not only give the fine look to furniture but also preserve the sturdiness for a long time. The outdoor furniture glides are the main category we all might know of. Nevertheless, based on the requirement and size of the furniture these glides can be sub-categorized.

Categorization of Outdoor Furniture Glides

These are;

· Insert Cups

The insert cups are installed inside the metal cups of the chairs or table, especially in the wrought iron patio sets. Having resemblance with the feet of the furniture, they are termed as insert cups. Before buying these glides, measure the inner diameter of the furniture’s cup. Normally, the diameter size is 1 to ½ inches in most of the furniture.

· Saddler Glides

For chaise lounges, you can use saddler glides to protect them from wear and tear. Chaise lounges do not have feet but tubes to make them stand upright and provide steadiness. Therefore, these saddler glides can be installed so the furniture remains safe and secure.

The outside diameter needs to be measured to determine the size of the glide that would be required.

· Feet Caps

If you have metal feet furniture that is not hollow from the inside, then these feet caps can protect them by installing them outside of the feet. As they cap the feet from the outside, they have been named as feet caps. Measuring the outer diameter of the feet will let you know what size of feet caps you should buy.

These glides can also be used for indoor furniture, protecting them from scratches. It has felt pads that keeps the floor secure. However, for outdoor furniture, the felt pads are not required.

· Stud Glides/Stem Bumper

For more safe and durable glides, stem bumper should be preferred. Though they require drilling in the feet of the furniture to get installed the protection is assured.

These adjustable glides are threaded to the feet thus, the thread size must be determined first. For that, you can take the leg of the furniture to the hardware store and screw on sizes with nut until you find the size that fits correctly.

Guide to Buy the Outdoor Furniture Glides

If you are unsure which type of glides will protect your outdoor furniture then keep following things in mind.

  • The glide must be strong enough to withstand the weight that you will put on the furniture in future time.
  • The glides can provide protection specific kinds of furniture. For instance, the frame of the chair is made of wood and has hollow in its legs then insert cups will be best suitable. On the other hand, if you have metal furniture then opting for feet caps would be a wise thing to do.
  • Many retailers might confuse you with feet insert cups and feet caps. Just ask them, how the relative glide is installed? Keep the requirements in mind and then buy the glides.

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The Best Furniture Glides

Not being able to find the right kinds of glides can be devastating. Let us help you by presenting two of the best furniture glides.

1. Stainless Steel Screw-in Feet Glide Leveler for Patio Furniture

The drilling is the main procedure to screw these glides into the furniture’s feet. Its threaded studs are made of stainless steel with 5/8’’ of length. Furthermore, these glides have a black nylon non-skid base of 1-inch diameter. Before opting for this product, kindly make sure it will fit your furniture rightly.

2. Project Patio 1-1/2″ Wrought Iron Outdoor Patio Furniture Glides 

These glides can be installed inside the chair foot with the diameter of 1-1/2’’. Keeps both the patio chair/table and floor scratch-less. They definitely will provide smooth movement of the furniture. The package includes 24 outdoor patio furniture glides cap replacement pieces.


To keep your furniture and floor free from scratches then get installed the best outdoor furniture glides. They come in different shapes and size so read the guide above for better investment experience.

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