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18 Hilarious Capricorn Memes That All Cappies Can Relate To!

If your birthday falls between December 21 – January 20, Congratulations! You’re a horned goat AKA a Capricorn

Capricorn is the last earth sign of the zodiac, we are represented by the sea-goat, a mythological creature with the body of a goat and tail of a fish. Accordingly, Capricorns are skilled at navigating both the material and emotional realms. We are capable of scaling the steepest mountains, we are known to be persistent, practical, loyal, and calm. Capricorn memes are one of the funniest memes to watch. But being a Capricorn can get hard sometimes, we can get a tad bit pessimistic and maybe we are practical to a fault. Being ruled by Saturn trials and tribulations are not new to us, but we always get what we want, no matter the odds.

So, here are some awesome Capricorn memes that’ll surely cheer you up and call you out at the same time.

1. Crying Babies

18 Hilarious Capricorn Memes

Us Capricorns, go through a lot but one thing we hate the most are cry-babies!

2. Hide Emotions

18 Hilarious Capricorn Memes

Keeping our emotions mostly hidden, disappointment is all we can show when people let us down. 

3. Helping

18 Hilarious Capricorn Memes

We don’t know why but giving help is never an effort but our independent soul cannot reach out for it.

4. HeartBroken

18 Hilarious Capricorn Memes

Being the mom/dad of the group is a given for Capricorns, who else is going to give therapy sessions to the heartbroken kids.

5. Hope

18 Hilarious Capricorn Memes

6. Failure

18 Hilarious Capricorn Memes

We are known to be very self-critical, dealing with failure can be a tough nut to crack. 

7. Relaxing

18 Hilarious Capricorn Memes

Our workaholic personality can never let us relax even at bedtime. 

8. Persona

18 Hilarious Capricorn Memes

It can take years and years to peel off the layers of a Capricorns onion-like persona. 

9. Social Image

18 Hilarious Capricorn Memes

Always trying to maintain a perfect social image, we can only be vulnerable in private. 

10. Mindset

18 Hilarious Capricorn Memes

We are known for our ambitious and perfectionist mindset, we want to do it all.

11. Other People

18 Hilarious Capricorn Memes

There is nothing that annoys a Capricorn more than people with bland personalities.

12. Loving

18 Hilarious Capricorn Memes

We don’t date just to date, we fall in love to live and die together. 

13. Judging

18 Hilarious Capricorn Memes

We can be a tad bit judgemental and hostile towards new people, we don’t open up easily. 

14. Materialistic

18 Hilarious Capricorn Memes

Capricorns are materialistic and they own it and work for it. 

15. Knowing close ones

18 Hilarious Capricorn Memes

Knowing every detail about the ones close to us is something we do without any effort

16. Complicated Thinking

18 Hilarious Capricorn Memes

Our thoughts are as complicated as can be. 

17. Not Spontaneous

18 Hilarious Capricorn Memes

Having fun is something we have to schedule, don’t expect a Capricorn to be spontaneous. 

18. Childhood

18 Hilarious Capricorn Memes

Capricorns are known to age backwards, probably due to our harsh childhoods. 

So, do these Capricorn memes make you chuckle?

Do you agree with them? 

Spread the humour by sharing this with other Horned Goats of the zodiac.

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