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Moonology Guidance For August 2021 | Know Your Horoscope of August

Bringing you the very new card test ie. Moonology Guidance For August. Knowing the best way to succeed or to go to the peak in your life is only possible when you know yourself. To identify the characteristics or hidden personality traits, many years had been spent by astrologers. There are many other card tests like the Dope Bird Test & the Tarot card Test to know yourself and can work to dynamize yourself. Here we have brought an interesting Moonology Cards Test through which we will tell about your inner secret personality traits.

Pick one card and get guidance from the moon for August 2021.

Moonology card test | Moonology Guidance For August 2021

First Card

First Quarter Moon

First quarter Moon | Moonology Guidance For August 2021

Your Commitment Is Being Tested

You will see hurdles coming your way to test you and your abilities to remove those hurdles.

You have to be strong and overcome those hurdles. You have the ability to remove those hurdles and reach your goal.

You can say: Universe is testing you.

Second Card

Fixed Moon

Fixed moon | Moonology Guidance For August 2021

Hold Your Vision

You need to stand firm in whatever situation you are in. You need to stick to your views to get your work done. Do not change your mind under any influence. Take a stand for yourself because you are right.

Third Card

Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon in Pisces | | Moonology Guidance For August 2021

Balance Spirituality and Practicality

You need to pay attention and make a concentrated effort to move towards your goals. The more practical steps you take better it will be. Keep yourself calm, analyse the situation properly and then act upon it.

Jeevika Sharma
Moonologer, Tarot Card Reader, and a Guidance Counsellor.

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