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A Guide For The Cat Breed Adopted A By Lazy Pet Parent

Some people are genuine animal lovers, but their lifestyle is such that the pet they have time for needs to be able to, basically, care for itself. These kinds of furry friends are out there, with the most obvious being cats. As far as being self-sufficient, though, even cats need love and affection.

While the animal doesn’t need much of your one-on-one doting, some breeds are exceptionally affectionate and vocal about it when they don’t receive what they’re seeking. With little effort, you can use a cat breed guide like the one on to search felines that require minimal nurturing. The cat you select with whom you might not have a lot of time; hopefully, the moments you do spend with her will be of quality.


Breeds To Adopt That Require Minimal Effort In Caring For Them

Animal lovers come in all varieties, whether you are someone who can nurture an animal full-time, or you have a lifestyle that allows only enough time for an animal that can pretty much care for itself. Fortunately, some cats will suit each need and be happy in either loving home.

For the busy pet parent, some felines enjoy alone time, lounging around the house without a lot of commotion. Some cats are genuinely built for keeping themselves entertained or can relax for hours without the need for support from a human or another pet. A few of the ideal breeds in this category include:

The Persian: 

With the Persian, you can kind of imagine a cat with which you can genuinely do anything. It’s like a floppy sack of flour. The feline is one that can sleep for extended periods, is exceptionally docile, loves to give affection but has no demands in a sort of take-it-or-leave-it mentality.

The animal can entertain herself if she feels the need for fun but is not full of massive amounts of energy. Persians are not only a good option for people who carry a busy schedule, but they’re a nice choice for first-time pet parents and seniors.


The American Wirehair :

For a completely independent cat that doesn’t truly know that you exist, this is your cat. The wirehair acts as though it’s oblivious to everyone in the room like she couldn’t care less if she has pet parents or not.It’s curious what the animal would do if you were to forget her basic needs for a quick minute? Sometimes her cold shoulder can be mistaken for dislike by a pet parent, but it’s merely the cat’s nature. You shouldn’t let that stop you from providing quality time when you’re able. Just don’t overdo it because this kitty won’t have it. See if cats like to be kissed here.

The Scottish Fold :

One of the prettiest cats to behold and also among the most active on here. The feline loves to play but doesn’t require a person to do so. She is relatively self-sufficient and exceptionally quiet, making her a good option for apartment dwellers or spaces smaller in nature.The fur is silky soft of a texture that you’ll enjoy touching when you have a few minutes to spend some quality time. Kitty will enjoy the affection but is not clingy, instead very well-behaved.

You can find quite a few choices in the cat species when you rescue your fur baby who don’t require support or supervision from their human companions to be comfortable or cozy in their home environment.

Some of these animals wouldn’t have it any other way but to be left alone to enjoy the peace of solitude without feeling as though they need to entertain their human companion.One crucial thing to remember is that even cats who act as though they don’t want anyone to bother them, who seem aloof, almost like they don’t like you, will need quality time and attention as any pet would.

Living creatures thrive on affection and nurturing, even just tiny amounts. It gives the animal confidence that she’s secure and safe, even though she is actually the one in control of the home – or, so she belives.

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