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Top 20 Most Famous Dialogues & Quotes from KGF Movie

In the colorful world of cinema, where emotions, stories, and artistry come together, there emerges an extraordinary creation that transcends screens and leaves an indelible mark on our cultural history. “KGF” is one such epic saga that brought Kannada cinema to the global stage. Directed by Prashanth Neel, this cinematic masterpiece takes us on a gripping journey through the rugged Kolar Gold Fields, leaving an everlasting impact on its audience.

Back in December 2018, “KGF: Chapter 1” introduced us to a tale of power, survival, and destiny, set against the backdrop of the treacherous gold mines. It showcased the meteoric rise of Rocky, portrayed brilliantly by Yash, and became a symphony of emotions, an action ballet, and a captivating narrative that transcended language barriers.

But “KGF” is more than a movie; it’s a cultural phenomenon. Its compelling story and mesmerizing visuals resonated with audiences worldwide, catapulting it to unprecedented heights in Indian cinema. The film not only shattered box office records, collecting over ₹250 crores globally, but also challenged perceptions about the influence of regional cinema on a global scale.

“KGF: Chapter 2,” the much-awaited sequel, continued the success story, amassing a staggering ₹1100 crores worldwide. This financial triumph showcased the enduring impact of “KGF” and its ability to captivate audiences far and wide.

Yet, what makes “KGF” truly unforgettable are its meticulously crafted dialogues. These lines have become a part of cinematic history, expressing power, defiance, love, and ambition. We present to you the top 20 dialogues and quotes from both parts of the movie that are sure to give you goosebumps.

Ladai mein kaun pehle maarta hai isse koi farak nahi padta…farak isse padta hai ki pehle kaun neecha gira.

Is Bambai mein apun ke address pe pincode na ho toh bhi post aa jaata hai … pata hai kyun? Apun ka naam hi itna famous hai.

Chillar ke liye haath phailana padta hai… noton ke liye haath uthana padta hai.

“Mumbai kya tere baap ka hai kya re…”
“Nahi re tere baap ki hai… aur tera baap main hoon!”

Maut ko dekha pairon ki dhool ki tarah… taqdeer ko thukrane wale sultan ki tarah… chingaari pair se dabake dhaar-dhaar khanjar pe chalke… dil mein joh dar utha usse maarke … jigar walo ki fauj bankar dushman pe chha gaya … kaal ka karne vinaash mahakaal aa gaya.

If you think you’re bad… I’m your dad.

Trigger pe ungli rakhne wala har koi shooter nahi hota … ladki pe haath daalne wala har koi mard nahi hota … aur apun ki aukaat, apun ko chahne walo ke alava aur koi samajh nahi sakta.

Is duniya mein sabse bada yodha maa hoti hai.

Agar tujh mein himmat ho ki hazar log tumhare peeche khade hai… toh tum sirf ek jung jeetoge … magar hazar logon ne himmat jutta li ki tum samne khade ho… toh tum poori duniya jeet jaaoge.

Ghayal sher ki saansein… uski dahaad se bhi zyada bhayanak hoti hai.

Meri dosti layak koi vaar nahi… Meri dushmani jhel sake aisi koi talvar nahi

Sirf 10-12 lukkhe log ko marke don nahi bana hoon, apun ne jin–jin ko mara hai wo sab don hi the…

Keh dena unko ki mein aa raha hoon… Apni KGF lene

Dar hona chahiye aur woh dil mein hona chahiye … aur woh dil apunka nahi samne wale ka hona chahiye

Leherein intezar kar rahi hai dharti choomne ke liye … suraj intezar kar raha hai doobne ke liye … bijli ki baraat khadi hai vidroh ke liye … kismat bhi kaanp rahi hai

Duniya mein sab kehte hai ki paise ke bina chain se jee nahi sakte … lekin yeh koi nahi kehta ki bina paise ke chain se mar bhi nahi sakte

Post sirf address ki wajah se nahi aata … landmark ki wajah se aata hai … aur is landmark ko pincode toh kya … stamp ki bhi zaroorat nahi hai

Khoon se likhi hui kahani hai…Siyahi se nahi banegi…agar aage badhaana hai toh phirse khoon hi maangegi.

Talvar Chala kar, Khoon Baha kar, Jung ladna tabahi nahi, tarakki hoti hai.

Violence, Violence, Violence, I don’t like, I Avoid.… but Violence likes me, I can’t Avoid.

“KGF” isn’t just a movie; it’s a phenomenon that transcends the boundaries of language, culture, and geography. It’s a symphony of storytelling that reverberates through time, and its dialogues are the notes that compose this melodious journey. As the anticipation for another part of the movie builds, the dialogues from the first two parts continue to echo, reminding us of the power of storytelling and the magic of cinema. The box office triumph of the first chapter serves as a beacon of hope and possibility for the future of Indian cinema.

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