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10 Best Historical Shows On Indian Television.

The television industry in India has evolved tremendously. From a handful of channels in the beginning to hundreds of them at present catering to the vast socio-economic as well as linguistic diversity of our country, it has surely came a long way. From genres like comedies, dramas to biographical documentries, novel adaptations, historical dramas we have witnessed all. Here we list out a few of the historical shows which surely left an impact and were quite informative. Intrestingly majority of them are more than a decade old but you can find and watch them on YouTube too. Here you can read about the History of Indian Currencies and its evolution.


bharat ek khoj

The fifty three episodes long Indian historical drama was first aired on Doordarshan in 1988. As the title suggests the series is based upon undoubtedly the most popular work of our former prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, the 1946 book “The Discovery of India”. The series just like the book pays honour to the rich cultural heritage of India, its history and its core essence.The strikingly wonderful thing about the series is that various episodes cover incidents spanning over 5000 years, right from the beginning of Indus valley civilization to the Gandhi era and yet each episode offers a setup,characters which are so believable and incredibly informative. With an IMDb rating of 8.9 this series surely tops our recommendation.

2)1857 KRANTI

1857 kranti

Aired on DD National in 2002 this series tells a tale of courage, bravery, valour and sacrifice. It gave its viewers a closer look at the revolt of 1857 which has been an inseparable part of the Indian freedom struggle.The drama was coveted to be the most expensive series at its time with an estimated budget of over 15 crores. The lavish crew included over 150 technicians, 10 elephants, 50 camels and over 2000 sword fights.

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the sword of tipu sultan

The 1990 series gave the viewers a glimpse of the life and valour of Tipu Sultan, the 18th century ruler of Mysore. One of the main highlights of this series was its background score and music which was composed by the legendary music director Naushad. The series is loosely based upon a novel by the same name written by Bhagwan Gidwani. The show was well received and praised for its grand scale. It was telecasted again in 2001 on Star Plus. The legacy continued and it was further translated into languages like Bengali,Malyalam,Marathi and aired on various regional channels.


param vir chakra series

As we all know, Param Vir Chakra is India’s highest military honour. But what really goes on in making of these real life heroes? What really drives their stories of extraordinary courage, a neverending love for country I often wonder. This series portrays the lives of many of these unsung heroes.


The Indian constitution containing 448 articles and 12 schedules, is the longest written constitution of any sovereign country in the world. The ideals of liberty, equality, democracy are deeply rooted in our constitution. However not much is known about the efforts which went on for making this draft. It involved thousands of debates, discussions, committee meetings and amendments before it was finalized. The ten part mini television series portrays the story about making of this very Indian Constitution. It was aired in 2014 on Rajya Sabha TV. For all the political science enthusiasts out there, the episodes can be watched on Rajya Sabha TV’s official YouTube channel.


A political documentary series about Indian Prime Ministers, Pradhanmantri premiered on the popular news channel ABP news. The show was hosted by the renowned film maker and actor Shekhar Kapur. It was indeed a well documented and informative series which covered the tenures of 13 prime ministers and give citizens a peek into the working of most coveted office of the world’s largest democracy!

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The 47 episode historical drama was first aired on DD National in 1991. It traced the life of renowned political strategist and economist Chanakya, the kingmaker of Mauryan empire


Another documentary series which was broadcasted on ABP news in 2016. It was hosted by Anupam Kher. The show had ten episodes and covered various chapters of the vast Indian history. Right from the reign of great emperors like Prithviraj Chauhan, Maharana Pratap, Shivaji or the epic tales of Chankaya , BHARATVARSH unraveled various pages of the glorious Indian history and is definitely a short but must watch.


the great maratha
Mahadji Shinde often called as “The Great Maratha” was the fifth and youngest son of Ranoji Rao Scindia, the founder of Scindia dynasty. He had an impactful role in re-establishing Maratha power in north India under Chattrapati Shivaji. This 47 episodes long drama unraveled this unheard story for its viewers.


maharaja ranjit singh
A loyal statesman and a brave warrior, The great Maharaja Ranjit Singh was the founder of ‘Khalsa Raj’. The leader was truly a visionary and expanded his reign all over India in a very short span of time. This tv series aired on DD National told this tale. It was further adapted into regional languages too.

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