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Call of Duty Mobile – How to dominate the game

Do you want to win more Call of duty games? If so, then you are probably always looking for ways to get ahead? I’m going to share a few tips pro players don’t want you to know about. Strategies that will help you win battles, stay alive longer, and dominate the game.

These particular tips will give you a good start on your journey to being one of the best players in this mobile version of the popular video game series.

So let’s get started!

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1. Learn the different game modes

Call of Duty Mobile has three main modes, including multiplayer, single-player, and Zombies. Although the modes appear similar, they are quite different, and it is important to know what each one requires. This will help you choose which mode is best for you.

Multiplayer mode is the most popular game mode with global rankings followed by single-player. Multiplayer games are 10 vs 10 real-time battles against other players. They require quick reaction time, teamwork, and the ability to strategize for you to win. While single-player is just you against the computer with a few other players on the map. Zombies is a 4 player co-op mode that challenges players to survive against zombies while completing the map.

The different modes have different strategies, and it is important to learn them before you get started playing. Learn something from all 3 to become a better player in all.

2. Know your weapons and what they do best.

Call of duty is all about weapons. Your chances of surviving any gunfight are mostly determined by the weapon you have. The best way to find a gun that you’re comfortable with is to try them all.

Once you find a few of your favorites, get pretty familiar with their features and what they do best.

As an example, let’s look at the popular AK-47 assault rifle. This gun has a 3 round burst mode which can deal large amounts of damage in quick succession if landed correctly.

In comparison, the MP5 submachine gun only has 1 round per shot, but it fires faster and can be used from long distances without being detected due to less recoil from the bullets leaving the chamber.

Try out different guns and learn about their differences, so you know how to use each one when in battle. All weapons have attachments that you can switch out to improve different features. These attachments include scopes, suppressors, and more.

3. Make the most of Perks

In Call of Duty Mobile, there is a range of perks available for each player, including health, dexterity, awareness, endurance, regeneration, double shot, etc.

There is an extremely popular perk on Call of duty called Awareness which helps you know where enemies are located from a distance, so you have time to find cover before they get a chance to shoot at you.

If that interests you, then learn what the other good perks are and start using them! To do this research, check out sites such as u4nba or Reddit discussion boards because high-level players are always discussing the best strategies for winning games.

4. Make sure you exclusively play with real-time multiplayer mode

The difference between single-player mode and multiplayer mode is that it takes about 30 seconds to respawn once killed in multiplayer mode. Making it much harder for you to win the game because even if your team wins a gun battle, you will be at a major disadvantage when all of your teammates die again right away while the other team only has to wait half a minute before they can fight back.

Another big difference is that there are no bots in Multiplayer Mode which means you have to rely exclusively on real people if you want to build up your stats quickly or earn quick rewards without paying money.

5. Aimbots

Aimbots help you find the best strategy for winning gunfights in Call of Duty Mobile. This includes the location of enemy players, their weapons, and where they are aiming.

Aimbots will allow you to stay one step ahead of your opponents and use this information to your benefit, but I suggest using the aimbot hack just when needed, so other players don’t get detected.

If you want to win games quickly, try using an aimbot with rapid-firing capability to shoot down opponets before they get a chance to shoot back. This gives both your team and yourself a significant advantage over the other team.

Get this Call of duty vanguard aimbot to perfect your aim and win gunfights with any weapon of your choice.

Use good headsets to hear your enemies.

Good headsets help you catch important audio cues such as enemy movement to your advantage. If somebody is creeping up behind you, the headset will help you detect it and prepare to gun them down first.


You can also use a good mic to communicate with your team so they don’t get caught off guard, which will improve your odds of winning games.

To win Call of Duty Mobile, learn how to play from all that you hear in the game. This includes footsteps, gunshots, grenade sounds, etc.

For example, if you hear a gunshot behind you but don’t see any enemy players on the radar, then it’s likely that somebody is creeping up on your otherwise unsuspecting team. 

6. Learn the maps

It’s extremely important to learn the maps in Call of Duty Mobile because this is where you will get all your information from.

Creeping up behind somebody on a map without knowing it could be a massive mistake if there are multiple other enemy players nearby who hear the gunfire and come to help their friend out.

Without a good knowledge of the map, you risk being surrounded and killed by a group at once, leaving you at a major disadvantage and going into respawn mode again.

To learn the maps, check out a few guides online and practice them in single-player mode. In addition, play against bots, so you get a feel for each map before you get into the real action!

7. Use the “commander” feature.

To call in airstrikes, drones, or artillery strikes that wipe out the enemies.

Before you get into a gunfight, use the “Commander” feature and call in an airstrike or artillery strike on where your opponents are gathered.

This will weaken their defense and make it much easier for you to win the battle. Just make sure you stay near cover because you don’t want to kill yourself with one of these powerful attacks accidentally.

In addition, the commander feature is great for helping your teammates know where enemy players are located so they can move into position accordingly while communicating with them over chat. This makes it much harder for your opponent to surprise you, which gives you more time to shoot first! My current favorite place to hide when calling in a strike is either on top of a building or inside a shack, both of which give you great cover while still letting you see where the strike is landing.

8. The best weapons for Call of Duty Mobile

Each weapon has different range capabilities and damage rates which can help or hurt your odds of winning games.

For example, the UMP45 starts weak but deals massive damage at close to medium-range, so it’s great for rushing people down if they are closer by, while the Mini-Uzi deals decent damage at long-range, so it’s good for hitting targets who don’t have time to get away.

Keep practicing with all these weapons until you find the one that works best for you because this will be what helps propel you to victory in games.

However, if you don’t have time to keep switching between weapons, stick with the UMP45, it doesn’t require a lot of aiming and can shoot down enemies quickly due to its high damage rate.

9. Using powerups wisely

Powerups are great for giving yourself an advantage going into a gunfight, but some are better than others. For example, using the “armor” powerup at the beginning of games is usually a good idea since your opponents won’t have it on their spawn, so that they will be at a major disadvantage compared to you right from the start! In addition, you can use these extra abilities to catch up if your team falls behind slightly, giving you more of a chance against the enemy.

However, be careful when using the “armor” powerup because if you get killed while it’s activated, then the extra armor plating is gone no matter how many kills you have. In addition, make sure to keep track of the timer on these powerups because they go away after some time has elapsed, and they don’t respawn until a new game starts up again!

Hopefully, these tips will guide you to win more Call of Duty Mobile games and bring your gameplay to the next level.

Just keep practicing with different weapons, maps, and powers until you find what works best for each situation, and you’ll be dominating games in no time!


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