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Top 5 Must Read Biography Books & Memoirs in 2021

We have selected the best biography books and memoirs published in the 21st century. Here are scientists, writers, actors, musicians and just people who have changed the world.

«My brief story» by Steven Hocking

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A person. Famous British astrophysicist. Winner of Einstein, Hughes, Dirac medals and various professional awards. Probably the most famous popularizer of science, he wrote the best-selling physics book A Brief History of Time. For many years he served as Lukasov’s professor of mathematics at Cambridge.

Why to read:

  • First, it is a tragic story about the strength of the human spirit. In his youth, Hawking was diagnosed with an almost fatal diagnosis, but he survived, continued to study science, and started a family. 
  • Secondly, it is a story about complex but interesting scientific discoveries. Hawking reflects on the global perspectives of humanity. In particular, he insistently speaks of the need for expansion into space. A figure of this magnitude is definitely worthy of interest.
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«Viviene Westwood, Viviene Westwood», Ian Kelly

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A person. Vivienne Westwood has proclaimed herself the first punk in the fashion world. Considering that she is directly involved in the image of the Sex Pistols, this does not look shocking. Although the famous British designer is just outrageous.

Why read. This is Vivien’s first serious biography. Ian Kelly accompanied Westwood for over a year and wrote the book from her words. Without a doubt, the eventful biography of this woman cannot be boring. In addition, this is not the worst role model for “white crows”. Westwood herself said: “I was born a girl and I loved being myself. I wanted to be a hero. “

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«Memories», Victor Frankl

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A person. World renowned Austrian psychologist and psychiatrist. The creator of his own method of psychoanalysis – logotherapy. During World War II, he was a prisoner of the Theresienstadt concentration camp, where he secretly treated prisoners. Wrote the book Say Yes to Life. Psychologist in a concentration camp. “

Why read. Frankl’s “Memories” include not only a terrible experience of imprisonment, but also life outside of war and terror. And this is an equally interesting part of the memoirs. Frankl was a brilliant professional who communicated with the recognized luminaries Freud and Adler and did a lot for the development of psychoanalysis.

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«Books in my life», Henry Miller

A person. Henry Miller is the author of the scandalous books Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, Black Spring and others. His intellectual autobiographical novels about the beggarly life in Paris brought the author fame and injunctions to his books. Today Miller has already been rid of the stigma of a banned writer and has become a recognized classic of American prose.

Why read. This text is the result of serious introspection and talks about the books that inspired or interested Miller. He himself said that “books are as much a part of life as trees, stars or dung.” Paradoxically, he argues that you should read as little as possible.

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Joseph Anton, Salman Rushdie

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A person. British writer of Indian descent. “Booker” is a laureate for the novel “Children of Midnight” and an owner of “Booker of Bookers” (the best among the laureates in the 40 years of the prize’s existence). In 1988, Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa calling for the execution of the writer for his book. Since then, Salman Rushdie’s life has cost an estimated $ 2.5 million.

Why read. This is a unique story of how Salman Rushdie lived after Khomeini’s fatwa. In his own words, he seemed to have fallen into the “eye of the storm.” The reason for the indignation of the Islamic world was Rushdie’s novel “Shaitan Verses” (another name is “Satanic Verses”).

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