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6 Common Mistakes in Video Editing and How to Avoid Them

Video content has become the most popular marketing format. It’s surpassed infographics and blogs, making it the best content to master. We’re going to teach you how to avoid mistakes in video editing.

Recent reports show storytelling and promo videos are the most popular for marketing. 87% of experts say it’s increased online traffic. The same reports show 80% of marketers claim their video content’s increased sales.

Do you know how to avoid video editing errors? Read on to learn more about creating trending content.

The following are six common mistakes in video editing and how to avoid them.

1. Unprepared

Creating and editing without a clear idea is obvious to viewers. Developing a vision for video involves deciding the beginning, middle, and end. Write down your ideas and stick to them the best you can.

2. Poor Audio

Editing video audio includes ensuring vocals aren’t overpowered by background sounds or out of sync with the content. Interviews and storytelling need to avoid the use of unnecessary filler words. Consider quality audio that delivers the message without copyright issues.

3. Bad Graphics

Bad graphics appear amateurish. When editing video graphics, make sure it’s the right size and color contrast. That includes the font size and shared time length.

4. Overused Effects and Fonts

Overused effects and transitions are distracting and unappealing to the eye. Too many fonts look amateurish. By sticking to Arial, Calibri, and Franklin Gothic, viewers will find it much easier to read on-screen.

5. Poor Cutaways

Editing transitions for videos should focus on improving cutaways. Jump cuts and match frames occur to make the viewer feel like they’re jumping around poorly.

Show the scenes are separate by framing the shots differently using subject size, camera height, and angle.

6. Too Long of Videos

Videos that drag on and repeat information are bound to lose audiences. Watch your videos and decide where you can cut to make it shorter, without sacrificing the meaning. Focus on editing website videos to a time length viewers are most likely to watch in full.

How to Easily Avoid Mistakes in Video Editing

Whether you’re creating for work or personal reasons, watch your videos repeatedly before sharing them online. Create a checklist of this information to ensure you’re hitting all the marks. Only share once you’ve edited to the best of your ability.

You don’t need to be an expert to create quality videos for your website or socials. Consider an app to put videos together for you more easily. For instance, Adobe Creative Cloud Express merges content together to create one quality video for free.

Create High-Quality Content Today

You can use this guide to avoid common mistakes in video editing. The information you read here today will help you edit like a pro. By outlining your content, creating a smart strategy, and using the right editing software, your videos will create more traffic.

There are other ways we can help you improve your videos and marketing. We feature more technology ideas. Explore our blog for trending information and resources.

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