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How to Get Organic Followers for Your Instagram Business Account

Social media platforms are revolutionizing the world, and among them, Instagram seems to have made the biggest impact. Not only is it the most popular way to share the best photos of food, trips, parties, and other important moments in people’s lives, but also it has become one of the most important marketing tools for businesses across industries. 

Companies around the world use it to reach their target audiences, build strong, meaningful relationships with their followers, and create real communities around their brands. Here are our tips to help you grow your Instagram business account organically.

Find the Right Kind of Help

Whether you are trying to grow your Instagram business account or you are just starting to build your audience, your focus should be getting quality followers. This means that you must find a way to get real Instagram followers, those who are truly interested in what you are offering, both in terms of products and services, and content. 

As a result of the impact their Instagram audience can have on businesses, this is one of the most common struggles among marketers. Because of that, in the digital marketing world, many professionals are focused on developing tools and strategies to help businesses increase their Instagram follower numbers. 

Getting help from an agency or using Instagram growth tools can help you grow faster but no matter how desperate you feel to achieve a bigger audience, buying followers isn’t a good idea. This leads to fake or inactive followers, or even worse – active followers who aren’t interested in your brand, and who will soon abandon you, or simply never engage with your posts.

Instead, hire an agency that understands the real value of Instagram, and knows how to help you benefit from this incredible social network, and your growing audience. 

Be More Than Your Business

The world isn’t what it used to be, and people don’t choose products, services, or brands like they used to. Today everyone is on social media, and most people use it to conduct research before buying something. Consumers today are much more likely to trust brands that share quality content, focused more on their customers’ needs and desires, than on their products or services. 

So, instead of constantly bombarding your followers with content about the quality of your brand, make sure that you also use your content to tell your story, show who you are, what you stand for, and, finally, what your values are. This will help you create an emotional connection with your audience, and emotion plays a huge role in the modern customer. 

Relevant educational, inspirational, motivational, and entertaining content along with the right Instagram skills, can be the difference between a successful, growing business, which stands out, and one that stands still and falls behind.

Give Your Followers a Reason to Stay

The most important knowledge when it comes to Instagram is how to identify the users who might be interested in your brand, how to reach them, and how to encourage them to interact. It means that you’ve found the right help, you’ve mastered Instagram skills, you know how to use hashtags, influencers, Instagram ads, Instagram live, your account has an appealing bio, you provide valuable content, you have real followers, your engagement rate is good.

But even though you’ve reached the right Instagram user – your ideal customer, you’ve attracted them to your profile, you’ve compelled them to start following your account, it doesn’t mean that they will stay. There are many reasons why people decide to unfollow Instagram accounts, as well as many reasons why they decide to stay. 

Quality content is of course at the heart of any successful Instagram profile. However, if you also learn how to track and analyze important Instagram metrics, such as reach, engagement, conversion, stories views, traffic, or the best time to post, you can take your Instagram presence to a whole new level. You can determine when to post, how much to post, you can learn what works and what doesn’t, you can optimize your content accordingly.

One great way to keep your real followers, and also get new ones, is to encourage user-generated content. You can do this by asking for feedback, asking questions, creating challenges and contests. You can also give rewards for the best answers and offer discounts or gifts to loyal users.


Without organic followers, an Instagram business account isn’t worth much, even if the follower number is high. Fake followers bring fake popularity, and no real growth, in any meaningful sense of the word. Real Instagram followers can become real loyal customers, but to get them, you must first learn how to manage your Instagram account. These three tips should help you move in the right direction.

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