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Common Problems You May Face While Buying The Flat House

We all have a dream of buying our own house. It feels good to have your own home where no one can ask you, what to do. Everybody cannot achieve their dream, and lucky are those who’re able to find the perfect dream house. Some buy property as their assets and later sell it on a high rate and earn a considerable profit while some buy for their living and pass their house generation to generation.

Now, if you want a house in metro cities like Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. then you have to be very cautious because the daily newspaper is filled with fraud cases. Overall, it’s quite a significant headache to find a house in Mumbai instead find on Mumbai is a dream city, everyone wants to have a dream house in Mumbai, but few make their dreams into reality.

There are many common problems you may face while buying the flat/house, and these problems differ from person to person.

Some want a good location with excellent infrastructure and in their budget. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find a suitable place with a low budget.  Buying a house is a dream which you have been nurturing since your childhood. Your years of saving and planning of buying cannot get wasted in a single moment. Therefore, you need to keep all the possible points before buying a house especially when you buy from the loan.

Loan Issues

Sometimes we made a wrong decision, takes a good amount of loan, and later it becomes difficult to pay a monthly installment. Location, possession date, and price are the basic parameters that need to be looked while purchasing a new flat or a house. First of all, we have to make a budget, as it becomes easier to shortlist a house. Budget is an essential factor that decides the type of home.

Now, few buyers pay the entire amount in cash, and most home buyers depend on home loans to buy a house. You cannot overextend your budget; any hiccups in your income can put you in trouble. When a bank fails to offer a good deal, their dream of owning a house is postponed. Make sure you’ve enough savings at least six months of mortgage payments if you buy a house from the loan.

Location of the Property

Next hurdle while buying a house is to decide the location of your property. Well, you can find so many advice online which can help you get an ideal location of the property. Few prefer affordable land on outskirts of the city while some invest a massive amount for a small apartment in a town. Clearly, you’ve to choose the location that suits your needs.

There are many house owner who is not so honest when they sell their property. One of the biggest fear for a home buyer is that a seller is being trustworthy and gives the right information.   


Here, I want to share a case with you, once a newspaper shows an advertisement of a property in Mumbai for sale, but actually, the property was in Pune. Most of the people applied for that and paid the token amount later they got to know the actual property was in Pune, and the owner disappears after collecting the huge amount from the market.  This also has a concern as owners remain mysterious in some cases.

Illegal Property

Moreover, most of the properties in our country are in litigation. This is a massive challenge as many real estate agents can talk us in to buy the property even though the title is not clear. Getting a property with clear titles is a huge issue.  Every buyer should check the paperwork and see if the property titles are clear or not.

Many cases are evolving as the seller sell their property even property is not in his name. Later the buyer realized nothing is in his hands, and there was a fraud — all his life savings goes in the wrong hand with just one wrong decision.

Late Possession of Apartments

Another thing you have to keep in mind is the delayed in possession.  Sometimes the seller gives late ownership of apartments due to construction work. You should clearly estimate the timeline for possession. You have to properly verify your dream house before taking possession because later on you can’t do anything, just regret!

Buying a house is not a decision one makes frequently.  It is an unpredictable process and only be taken once a lifetime decision. It requires a lot of planning, searching, and networking; therefore, you need to be very careful while buying a house. When you plan to buy a home, you’ll face many hurdles, especially if you want to buy in metro cities like a  house in Mumbai.

The Bottom Line

Mostly, houses in Mumbai starts from approx 2.25 cr, which is just a dream for middle-class people. Property has also become a significant source of investment in one’s life. So choose your dream house wisely. At last, I would like to say that buy a property that you can easily afford and suits your pocket, where you can spend your life with happiness after all it’s your dream house. Don’t compromise with your dream.

Now, if you have any queries or suggestions do enlighten them in the comment section. We’ll help you with every possible solution. Also, tell us about your experience of buying a house in Mumbai.

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