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10 Destructive Weapons Used in Mahabharata

Hindu mythlogy consists of vedas, puranams, Upanishads and epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana. Ancient Hindu epics are filled with battles, wars, victory of good over evil, asuras etc. In fact Mahabharata is centered around conflicts and is famous for the military formations, warfare and weaponry used. It is said that more than 1000 different kinds of weapons were used in Mahabharata. Let’s know about some of the powerful weapons used in Mahabharata:

1. Brahmastra


It was used only once in the entire battle, inspite of being possessed by many Gods and demi-Gods as it meant complete annihilation. Considering the deadliness of the weapon it could be used for the benefit of the mankind, only when every resource of the warrior is completed. Karna wanted to use the weapon against Arjuna but couldn’t do so considering his mother’s plea.

2. Teen Baan

teen baan

The weapon is an arrow used three times, one to choose the target, the other to choose the target to be save and the last one to destroy all the targets not chosen. It was a weapon received by Barbarika as a boon.

3. Brahmashirsha Astra

Brahmashirsha Astra

Named after Lord Brahma, it is four times more powerful than Brahmastra. It is assumed that it holds the power of Lord Brahma’s four heads at the tip. It was used by Ashwattama against the Pandavas and by Arjuna in self defence.

4. Narayana Astra

narayana astra

Named after Lord Vishnu, the weapon could only be used once in a lifetime. Its knowledge was possessed by Drona, his son and Krishna. Krishna had thwarted its effect when Ashwattama used it against the Pandava armies.The weapon is said to have the capacity to split into thousands of self-guiding missiles.

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5. Brahmanandra Astra

brahmand astra

Related to heads of Lord Brahma, it could cause destruction of entire universe. It was used in defense to Vishwamitra’s attack by Brahmarishi Vashistha.

6. Bhargava Astra

bhargava astra

It was given to Karna by Parashurama. Its usage could lead to the world being perished even without ashes.

7. Pashupatra Astra

Pashupatra Astra

Though wasn’t used, it was possessed by Arjuna directly from Lord Shiva.The weapon was considered to be indestructible and its usage was prohibited against mortals.

8. Sudarshana Chakra

sudarshana chakra

It was used by Lord Krishna to kill Sisupala at Yudhistira’s Rajasuya Yagna. It was a spinning disc-like weapon formed from dust of the sun and scrapes taken from Shiva’s trident.

9. Vasavi Shakti

vasavi shakti

The weapon belonged to Indra and was loaned to Karna for a one time use. Anyone could be killed against it and was saved by Karna to be used against Arjuna .However Karna was tricked into using it against Ghatotkacha. It was a powerful weapon which was feared by Arjuna as well.

10. Vajra


Vajrayudha or Vajra in short was Lord Indra’s one of the most powerful weapons. It was prepared out of the spine of Sage Dadhichi and was used to kill the demon Vritra.

These were some of the powerful and indestructible weapons. Let us know if you enjoyed the article in comment section!

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