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Relationships and Loneliness in the Time of Covid-19

“The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved.”
― Mother Teresa

Loneliness kills. It is more potent than the present pandemic situation. From teenagers to older folk, this condition was the first pandemic we were faced with, but its true nature came to light only during Covid-19.

The isolating conditions of the pandemic have further exacerbated the pain of being lonely. If you want tips to help you cope with feeling sad and alone, try these six.

6 Wellness Tips During Pandemic to Beat Feeling Sad and Alone

1.Keep in touch with friends and family

We need each other. No man is an island, so said Jon Donne, and his words are a stark reminder for us to look out for others.

While you might be quarantined in a different city, or are separated from your loved ones, take the time to stay connected with them. Mark out timings for your family and give them your full attention.

Listen patiently to their concerns and help them cope with the strange times that we are living in, especially little children. They may be confused and experiencing stress about the new pandemic situation, so take care of their needs first.

Strengthen your bonds with warm hugs, games, and bedtime stories!

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2.Pick up a hobby

Instead of feeling sad and alone, pick a hobby you have always wanted to try.

The pandemic could be the universe’s way of letting us know that we need to stop, take time, and process what the essential things in life are. It’s a gentle reminder to go slow and thoroughly inspect the true nature of reality and the human condition.

While contemplating these probing queries, try your hand at gardening, reading, painting, colouring, cooking, knitting, scrapbooking. Photography, bird watching, stitching, crafting, sculpting, baking, are some of the other activities you can indulge in the confines of your house.

Put your heart, mind, and soul into the pursuit of these when you feel alone and give your spirits a boost!

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3.Connect with your partner

Relationships can take a beating during times of stress.

The pandemic has led to job loss, pay cuts, or separation. No matter the challenge, believe your relationship with your spouse is stronger than these setbacks.

This pandemic season is the time to connect with your partner more deeply than before. Shower them will love and affection if they are feeling sad and alone. If you are separated from each other, then call text or video chat. If they have lost a job, be supportive.

Be their pillar of strength so they will not fall into depression, or experience loneliness while still having you by their side. Put your partner’s needs ahead of yours, and they will learn to lean on you for guidance.

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4.Get to know your neighbours

Now is the perfect time to make friends with your neighbours. Check on elderly neighbours. Offer to do their shopping or else send them a cooked meal. They may be dealing with loneliness and could do with your support.

Here are some people you should check on while social distancing[4]  during Covid-19. Take the first step in the process of overcoming loneliness, and the effort will reward you.

Many people do not reveal that they suffer from loneliness unless someone else opens up their pain, so be the first to share your problems.

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5.Set a routine

Just because you are working from home, does not mean that you shouldn’t set yourself a routine. Work-from-home has a way of eating up into your personal time because there are no stipulated boundaries. This seepage means having less time for yourself and increased emotional stress. 

To counteract the mayhem, try setting up a routine that ensures you get enough time for yourself and for your work. There may be some days when you need to report to work, so factor in the same as well.

While work from home is beneficial in that it takes away the commute time, it doesn’t recreate the same situation as a workplace so it may be tough to get in the “zone” of the daily grind.

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6.Support others

Times are tough. Put the needs of others ahead of your own.

Do find out how you can be of help to them and serve the community. Many people coping with loneliness are suffering from myriad problems of their own. They may be waiting for a person like you to take the first step to help them.

Take the time to be considerate of others, especially those who are financially dependent on you. Pay them a fair wage despite the situation and help them stay cheerful about the future.

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Following these tips will help you to cope with the loneliness the pandemic has enforced on us. It will also help to do away with the “distance” that has been created in a bid to remain phydically apart.

Stay strong!

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