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How To Decorate A Room – The Complete Guide

Moving to a new neighborhood allows you to seize new and better opportunities. This is especially true if you previously lived in a smaller neighborhood and choose to move to a bigger city. However, before you can enjoy the benefits of your new residence, you need to work on making your house look and feel like a home first.

After comparing several movers and choosing which moving and storage service to hire, you need to focus on decorating different rooms in your home. The appearance and ambiance of these rooms can affect the comfort you’ll experience whenever indoors. It’ll be hard to relax if all of your rooms are full of clutter and looks poorly-maintained.

To help you out, take note of the following tips when decorating a room:

1.   Use subtle colors

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Decorating rooms in your house will give you the privilege of using any color you want. Since this is your property, no one can tell what to do and not to do.

However, if you want your rooms to look good, you should never abuse this privilege. Instead of using bold colors in your rooms, opt to paint them with subtle hues. Shades of blue, green, and lavender can create a calm and serene environment. Jewel-toned tones can create a comfortable and cozy ambiance.

Choosing a color for your rooms is essential as different colors can create different moods to the space and its occupants. Using bold colors that increase a person’s energy levels to rooms that are meant for rest and relaxation won’t do much to your interior decorations.

2.   Work on the ceiling

More often than not, homeowners disregard their ceilings. Since this area of the room isn’t usually noticed by guests and family members, most homeowners think that there’s no need to include their ceilings when decorating.

However, this is a misconception. Your ceiling is actually the fifth wall of any room in your house and deserves the same amount of attention that you give to your walls.

Take the time to paint your ceiling with a lighter shade than the walls of the room. This is a simple strategy that can trick your eyes in seeing a lower ceiling. This can result in a room that provides optimal comfort and intimacy.

3.   Be picky about your furniture

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Your rooms won’t become useful without the right furniture. Your bedroom will require a bed, and your living area will need seating furniture.


And while you already know which type of furniture to place in each room of the house, are you aware that the size of the furniture should also be considered?

As a general rule, the furniture you use should fit the room where it’s supposed to be placed while still having space for traffic and other pieces. When decorating your bedroom, for example, your bed should fit in the room and still allow you to move and walk around. The bed you use should also provide space for other essentials such as your vanity area and closet.

Moreover, smaller rooms in the house shouldn’t be filled with large and heavy furniture. This will make the space look and feel cramped. Tall headboards and other tall furniture are suitable to be placed in rooms that have high ceilings. Here is a guide you can refer to for best outdoor furniture.

4.   Prioritize storage

Storage is important in all of the rooms in the house. Without proper storage, your rooms will look cluttered, and the entire space will look unorganized. Aside from adversely affecting the aesthetics and ambiance of your rooms, clutter can become the breeding ground of germs and bacteria, causing you and your family to get sick.

When decorating your rooms, don’t forget about storage. Utilizing built-in drawers and cabinets is a good start, but you should learn to think outside of the box.

Maximize your walls by adding shelves in it. Any space underneath your bed can become storage once you use properly labeled-storage. Instead of using walls to divide different areas of your house, opt to use shelves. These can separate two different areas in your house while providing more storage for each area.

Practice Cleanliness

After decorating the rooms in your house, make sure that you exert time and effort in maintaining its look. Investing in the right decors and paying attention to the color of your walls will be useless if these rooms will eventually become dirty.

Ensure that your rooms look well-decorated for the longest time possible by incorporating easy and effective cleaning strategies. It’ll be easy to let your décor elements stand out if the rooms in your house are spotless!


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