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15 Top Drinking Games That Every Fresher Should Know!

Meeting a whole new bunch of people can be very amusing for freshers, but a little awkwardness can hurdle the interaction with your new found peers. To solve this problem, and switch things up there is just one thing that you need to do; but what exactly is it? Yes, you guessed it right; it’s playing drinking games, a vital for freshers; games to make your meet fun and drinks to bash the polite awkwardness. But before playing them one thing must be kept in mind that drinking shouldn’t be overdone, so, make sure you drink responsibly. You can try these games over whisky, here the amazing benefits of drinking whisky. Here, we present to you top drinking games that are must to play to overcome the hurdle and befriends with each others.

Never Have I Ever:

Never have I ever is one of the classic drinking games, that besides being fun also lets you know about your company more. The game is played usually in a circle where one of the members makes a statement starting with ‘never have I ever’ (for instance ‘drunk and drive’), the person who has done so is to take a sip from his/her drink. Then, another person in the group makes another statement and the opportunity is circulated in the group. To play this all you need are drinks (your preference), and of course, a bunch of friends to play with.

Straight face:

It’s a simple game in which your group needs alcohol, a pen, paper, and a very good sense of humour. Everyone writes down sentences on a piece of paper that must be pretty ridiculous or inappropriate but necessarily funny to serve its purpose of making others laugh. Each of the member takes turns while reading them out with a straight face, and if anyone in the group laughs then that takes a drink. The best part is that no matter what its gonna evoke lots of laugh, and unveil all your funny sides.

Predict to reveal:

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It’s another fun game that makes you know a bit more about your peers, and also unleashes your skill of observation, because if you are not observant then you might end up losing and drinking a lot. Rules are pretty simple, one person has to make some prediction about other one, if it turns out to be true then the person whose secrete is just revealed has to take a drink but if it’s false then the predictor is supposed to drink. To know who is going to make statements about other you can spin a bottle, the pointing mouth can be for predictor and the back for other one.



Paranoia, is a drinking game, that preys on your curious mind. In this, one of your friend whispers a question in your ear, or your peer’s ear, the answer of which has to be the person present in the room (e.g.- the most annoying person). Then the other person speaks the answer out loud for everyone to hear, without revealing the question. If one wants to know the question then s/he has to take a shot. Usually curiosity kills the cat but here curiosity is going to make you drunk.


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It’s an extremely easy yet a fun game. The first person in the group (that you can decide among yourselves), starts with saying ‘one’, the person next to him/her has to say other sequential number or ‘buzz’ according to the rules set, if failed to do so, then that person has to drink. The rules can be decided among the members, like on multiple of  3 one has to say buzz.

True or false story:

Let’s see how easy it is for you to fool others or how gullible you are; this amusing game will give answer that. In true or false story one of the member will make up a story or reveal an incident regarding his/her life, all the other players have to guess if it was a true story or not. If your answer is wrong then you drink. So buckle up your noticing skills or get ready to drink.

King’s Cup

king's cup

It has been a staple youngsters game for a past good time; being the perfect game to play when you meet a new group of people. For this all you need are drinks( of your choice), a deck of cards, and a cup; the group gathers around a cup with cards are evenly distributed around it, each player takes a turn picking up from cards. The action that goes with each card varies, and for that you can make up your own rules (e.g.- card one can be ‘me’ so the person picking up the card has to drink, or ,3 can be ‘she’, so if the card is picked then all the girls in the game has to take a sip of their drink). To do justice to its name, the king card has a fixed rule; when the first 3 kings are drawn the person pours some of his/her drink in the centre king cup, the person picking up the fourth king cad loses and has to drink the mess from the centre cup.


Beer Pong:

beer ong

To play beer pong you need a set of portable cups, beer, and ping pong ball. Two teams are divided, two set of cups 1/3rd filled kept in centre in triangular shape, and one member of each team tries putting the ball in the opponent’s cup. If you succeed in targeting the ball in the cup belonging to other team, then you get a point and the other member has to drink, and if not, then the role is reversed

Drink while you think:

drink while you think

For this game things you require are drinks and your fast thinking skills. To play Drink While You Think, one of the member takes a celebrity name ,e.g. Sophie Turner, then the person sitting next names another celebrity whose name starts with the last letter of the last name of previous named celebrity, in this case it can be Ryan Reynolds, and so, the game continues. But the catch here is, while thinking of the name one has to drink, or s/he loses.

Bite the Bag:

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To play, Bite the Bag, you need paper bags, and the most necessary ingredient – alcohol of your preference. In the game, turn by turn each player tries to pick up a bag kept on ground with their mouth (hands strictly not allowed). Whoever fails to do has to drink. So, get ready to fall, drink, and most importantly laugh a lot.

Flip cup:


Flip cup is a good starter game needing a set of cups, and drinks. There are two teams competing against each other; both stand on opposite sides with drinks poured in cups and kept on table. Everyone needs to finish their drink and flip the cup upside down, before moving to other cup. The team that completes first wins.

Charades with a twist:

7478147 R SET

This is a perfect game for movie junkies  (those who can’t live without movies). It’s like simple charades played with two teams, in which one team gives a movie to a player of the opponent team, and s/he has to make their team guess it without using words, only through actions. The twist here is that as many times as someone makes a wrong guess has to take a sip of his/her drink. The team whose drink is consumed first, loses.

Drunk Jenga:

Drunk jenga

Drunk Jenga is more or less like normal Jenga where you get to test your balancing skill, by taking out a block and stacking it up at the top gently. The twist here is that there are funny and crazy challenges written on each of the 54 jenga block. If while stacking the block, it falls then you take your drink and choose two blocks to perform the task written on it. For this the things you need are your favourite alcoholic beverage, a jenga set (easily available at general store or online shops), and a permanent marker to write on the blocks.

Who is most likely to:

Image result for Who is most likely to fun game

It’s another of the classic favourites of youngsters where all you need is to answer “who is most likely to”. To play this a set of questions are prepared starting with the very name of game (e.g.- who is most likely to be a joker in a circus), the host asks the question and others point at the person who they think is the answer. The person with the maximum number of fingers pointing at him/her drinks.



Ever felt the bond that strong when you and your friend think the same thing and say it out at same time. This game is meant to bring that out among you all. In this all you need is a strong, strange sort of telepathic connection or a good luck to win the game, and definitely even number of players so no one is left behind. Teams of two members are formed, and a category is given to each team, say fruits, if both the members say the same fruit name then they get a point or else a drink. So, hold your friend’s hand and get ready to read the minds.

Which game did you find most exciting from our list of top drinking games? Let us know in the comments section!


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