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Here’s how having the perfect hotel furniture helps you with customer retention!

What does one look first after entering any hotel room? The answer has to be decor. When a customer enters a hotel, he or she looks at the various furniture and its designs among other noteworthy things. There are many manufacturers and suppliers in the hospitality industry that offers a range of customized designs in hotel furniture in hotel rooms, reception and lobby, bedroom, outdoor and banquet, and dining chairs and tables. Commercial-grade materials are used with advanced techniques to withstand the rigors of commercial usage and also retain customers.

Hotel Rooms and furniture Categories

Different furniture suit different places in a hotel. Similar furniture in different lobbies may not go down well with the customers. Here are some of the hotel furniture categories:

Hotel Room

There is a wide range of furniture that one can choose for a hotel room. These include bed frames and bed bases, wardrobes and dressers, coffee tables, armchairs, mirror frames and more. But, the hotel authority must have good taste in choosing them. Otherwise, traditional designs may not catch the customer’s eyes.

Hotel Banquet

Hotel banquet and event area furniture must be exquisite in design. Some of the furniture could be an alluring ladder bookshelf, baroque cast iron chair, all-weather cast iron chair, and dining table set, etc.

Hotel Bar Area

Hotel bar area furniture must be able to put a lasting impression on the customers. This area of furniture includes restaurant lightings in neon lights, restaurant storage cabinets, stylish sofas, etc.

Reception Area

The first place one waits after entering a hotel is the reception. Hence, the furniture must be catchy. For instance, furniture like a black leather chesterfield sofa, classic canvas three-seater sofa, etc. can be placed in the reception area to impress the guests.

Outdoor Area

Outdoor area furniture must be cozy so that customers can relax leisurely. One can choose lawn chairs, patio tables, and sets for a family chit-chat for outdoor area furniture in a hotel.

Administration Area

Vibrant, fun and funky furniture should ideally line the area. Furniture like stylish and modern tables and chairs and an innovative table may be kept. Traditional furniture may also line the area.

Hotel Lighting and Common Area

These are small things that one must put the finishing touches to attract customers. Furniture like mirror, kitchen carts, art and painting works, vanity bathroom counters and vintage furniture may be kept. Lighting must be exquisite and stylish to charm the customers instantly.

Important things to note before buying hotel furniture to ensure customer satisfaction

Getting the best furniture comes at a huge price. But if one is not able to choose them properly, it can turn off the customers. Hence, one should keep these factors in mind while buying hotel furniture:

Manufacturer’s Experience:

The background of a manufacturer holds the key. A relatively new manufacturer will not be able to make high-profile furniture but an experienced one can manufacture any type of furniture ordered.

Correct Dimensions:

Correct dimensions and spacious furniture help in providing customers’ luxury and satisfaction.

Commercial Grade Materials:

Raw materials like seasoned wood are generally used to manufacture high-density, rust-resistant and high resiliency furniture that would draw customers.

Safety Standards:

Both foam and upholstery that are used to manufacture the furniture should meet the fire-safety norms. Moreover, all furniture must be well-weighted, balanced and there should be no protrusions that can harm customers.

Ensure Interior Decor:

Custom made furniture ensures interior decor. It is generally done after receiving feedback from clients and customers. It helps in amalgamating the furniture and hotel’s ambiance easily and leaves a lasting impression on the customer.

Proper Packaging:

The Buyer must pay attention to packaging. Proper packaging saves a lot of time that would have gone into reordering items. It also saves from probable loss-making scenarios owing to push-back of the hotel’s inauguration.

Easy Tips to retain customers

Building customer loyalty is essential in running any business. Hotel furniture by FurnitureRoots gives some easy tips to retain customers:

Making the right first impressions:

  • There’s a common proverb that goes “The first impression is the last impression!” The same applies to the hospitality industry. The behavior of the staff in the first instance determines whether the hotel will be able to retain customers. Moreover, if the furniture and ambiance match, then it goes a long way in satisfying customers.

Prioritize guest experience:

  • Guest feedback is crucial in retaining customers. If a customer seems unhappy with any decor, the staff must politely seek feedback.

Exceed Customer Expectations

  • Customers are key to any business. Meeting customer expectations with a soothing experience is the key to retain them. Any customer will look satisfied with a well-done interior decor but adding something catchy and innovative will exceed their expectations.

Choosing the perfect hotel furniture can be a cause of headache for the hotel authorities. But, opting for fully customized designs suiting the customers and made of high-quality raw materials like seasoned wood offering reliability can ensure customer satisfaction. One should look for an experienced manufacturer who can make any designs of any brand.

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