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3 Ways To Bring The Outside In

With the typical British weather pushing our spring and summer further and further into the year, many of us will be longing to get outside into our gardens or outdoor space. But, with the rain still pouring and the bad weather prevailing, is it time we injected a little bit of the outside into our living spaces?

It’s incredibly easy to change a few things around to begin your “outside-in” journey. With a few quick switches and additions, you’ll have your living, sleeping and dining spaces feeling like your own little oasis in no time.

The main thing to consider above all is the cost. Think about your own personal situation and budget before you get started. Careful budgeting is key to not getting carried away and dropping thousands of pounds when the look can be achieved for very little.

Plants, flowers, and foliage

One of the most common ways to include nature in your home’s décor is with potted plants, flowers, and foliage. You can put these fresh and delightfully smelling accents everywhere; from the bathroom and bedroom to your hallway and living spaces. Adding succulents to your bathroom is a sure-fire way of making it feel like a spa, and introducing large potted green plants like yucca, Kentia palm, and umbrella trees to your living spaces will help to add an exotic vibe too.

Mirrors and Artwork

A great way to create the feeling of the outdoors in your home is to bring in more natural light and color. Mirrors and artwork are a super-easy way to achieve this. The new trend of mirror windows is a great way to help you create that luxe garden vibe; plus, with so many styles and shapes available in beautiful neutral colors, they’ll fit right in alongside your existing décor and color scheme.

If your home is already bathed in neutral colors, the artwork is a simple way to bring in some more vibrant shades; creating the faux look of having brightly colored flowers in your living space.

The right furniture

Whether you add a couple of accent rattan tub chairs in your lounge area or pots for your plants made from rustic or all-natural materials, there are a number of ways you can use furniture and accessories to create an outdoor feel in your home. Choose woods in their unrefined state and statement plant pots in deep and cool earthy tones to create the ultimate “outside-in” look and feel.

However you decide to transform your space, it doesn’t have to break the bank. By choosing these simple and relatively cost-effective ways, you’ll be relaxing in your lush new environment in no time at all.

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