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How an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Benefits You?

Ayurveda is an ancient medical system that originated in India. This has been practiced in different parts of the world for more than 5,000 years, and it focuses on life between one’s physical and emotional self. One of the Ayurvedic principles also centers around the food you eat and your overall well-being.

Principally, you can be run-down and lethargic, or vigorous and lively based on the food you eat. Also, the food you eat, along with your lifestyle, can determine your well-being. Even your choice of ayurvedic skin care products depends on what you put inside your body.

However, aside from mere knowledge of what you put in your body and how it affects your mind and wellness, here are other benefits of an ayurvedic lifestyle.

You get to know yourself better.

One of the best things Ayurveda can give is the power to know yourself better. In the process, you learn to love yourself more. The principles of Ayurveda help you understand and appreciate your uniqueness. This knowledge and understanding, in turn, can help you tailor-fit your approaches in life. It enables you to discover your unique needs while also helping you reflect, heal, and grow on your own life.

Ayurveda suggests that there are three major personality characteristics and body types. These are known as the doshas — Kapha, Pitta, and Vata. While it is normal that people tend to lean towards one specific dosha, it’s also possible that you can be a mixture of two doshas. Possibly, it can also come with one of the two as your prominent constitution.

Here are some characteristics of each dosha:


● Slow-paced, laid-back, and easygoing.

● Kapha has a reliable, stable, and dependable nature.

● Is non-judgmental, compassionate, forgiving, loving, and affectionate

● Has a more massive body built, and is physically active.

● Among all constitutions, Kapha has the most energy.

● Steady and enduring

● Reflective and adheres to a careful thought process.

● Has soft skin and hair, pale, large eyes paired with a soft, low voice

● Susceptible to depression but is self-sufficient and gentle.

● Great immune system and excellent health 


● Has a healthy, medium physique

● Loves challenges and are good at entrepreneurial ventures

● Self-confident, assertive, focused, and orderly

● Has a sharp mind and excellent concentration

● When off-balance, can be pushy, demanding, competitive, and aggressive

● Reddish or fair skin, usually with moles and freckles

● Suffers from sunburn easily


● Quick to learn but also fast to forget

● Has a tall and slender built, a fast-walker, with a tendency to have cold feet and hands

● Uncomfortable in cold weather

● Has a fun, lively, and excitable personality

●  Full of enthusiasm and joy when in balance

● When off-balance, responds to stress with anxiety, worry, and fear

● Has dry hair and skin

● Doesn’t sweat much

Knowing where your personality falls can help you identify what you can do to remedy the imbalances. For example, if you have skin irritation due to excessive sun exposure, you’ll know that you’re a Pitta skinned individual that suffers from a constitution imbalance. This knowledge can help you choose the right ayurvedic skincare regimen to apply.

Nurturing and Holistic Approach to Overall Wellness

Ayurveda is about knowing and understanding what your body’s natural state is healthy. If your environment and yourself are in perfect balance, then you are considered to be in optimum health. The opposite strongly suggests that you’re out of balance.

For example, if you’re suffering from lethargy or constipation, or if you feel anxious, this means you are out of balance. These kinds of imbalances do not happen overnight, meaning you have the opportunity to slow down or stop the process.

If you know what makes you feel out of shape, you can check the food you eat according to your dosha and regain your balance.

How to achieve a body and mind balance with skincare products?

The best thing about Ayurvedic lifestyle is that everything you do, eat, and put in your mind and body are all interconnected. In the realm of skincare, when your skin improves, it means your whole body and mind also enhances.


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