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The Global Ibuprofen Market: Where Does It Stand In 2020?

Beroe’s market intelligence report states that the global ibuprofen market will be valued at 43,000 MT at a CAGR of more than 2% in the next few years. The market is spread as it is present in the APAC, MEA, North America, Europe, and South America. The largest share in the global ibuprofen market is that of North America. The top suppliers in the market are SI Group, Shasun Pharmaceuticals Limited, IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals (IOLCP), Vinati Organics, BASF SE, and Nippon Soda. The market leader is Shasun Pharmaceuticals Limited is a top player since it accounts for more than 15% of the market share in the ibuprofen market.

Some of these ibuprofen manufacturers are planning to expand their base to boost the supply of ibuprofen and to make it increasingly available in the global market. BASF and IOLCP are the two key players that are expanding their capacity in the future. For example, the BASF is expanding the production capacity in Texas, the US. IOLCP is planning to expand production in Ludwigshafen, Germany. Vinati Organics is a top player when it comes to the raw material supply, which is isobutyl benzene or IBB. Vinati Organics is planning to increase the production capacity up to 25000 MT in the next few years. Another plan of Vinati Organics is to invest in IBAP.

The IBAP is short for Isobutylacetophenone. IBAP can be used by manufacturers instead of IBB. The price of ibuprofen depends on the cost of the raw material. If the raw material cost goes up, then so will the price of ibuprofen. Beroe’s market intelligence report states that there was more than a 20% price hike in the cost of ibuprofen in the past which means there is a likelihood of it occurring again in the future when raw material becomes pricier. Beroe’s analysis of the ibuprofen market states that there is likely to be a steady increase in industry growth in the next few years because of the ibuprofen demand.

One of the reasons for an increase in demand for ibuprofen is the increase in diseases that it treats. For example, globally, there has been an increase in various diseases such as arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, and chronic diseases. This trend is likely to continue in the developing countries too where these are increasingly becoming common. In addition, an increase in population all over the world is likely to push the ibuprofen demand even further. People are living longer now which can increase the demand even more. Another reason for the growth is the use of ibuprofen for treating dental pain and gastrointestinal pain.

Ibuprofen medicine children have proven to be helpful in many cases across the globe since it has been used effectively to treat certain ailments in children. This is because of ibuprofen’s analgesic and antipyretic properties. Sometimes, even children who are younger than six months are being administered ibuprofen. In some cases, doctors have administered ibuprofen to premature babies. Since ibuprofen has been found to work for various mild problems, it is highly likely that the ibuprofen market is going to improve and grow in the future. Growth in the younger population is expected, which will make ibuprofen profitable in the future.

At present, there are many pharmaceutical companies that provide ibuprofen. You can find numerous ibuprofen categories such as in the form of liquid, powder, capsules, and tablets. There is a range of dosages that are available of ibuprofen too. Ibuprofen is useful for people that fall under a range of age groups. This makes ibuprofen a highly preferred choice and this will boost the ibuprofen market more in the future. Since ibuprofen isn’t patented, there are many forms of ibuprofen available, which means you can find ibuprofen in a range of price points too. This is a bonus that is likely to drive the market too.

Ibuprofen is easily available, and this is one of the reasons why its use is so widespread. This has caused an increase in the demand for ibuprofen and is likely to fuel the demand in the future too. The distribution of ibuprofen has been on the rise and this has caused the demand to spike. Moreover, the online availability of ibuprofen in various websites has given a boost to the demand for ibuprofen too. Some examples are,, and All of these factors combined will give a further boost to the ibuprofen market. The side effects of ibuprofen are factors that are likely to negatively impact ibuprofen’s market in the future.

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