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How To Make More Space In Your Home

With remote working taking the world by storm since the outbreak of the pandemic, the increased time we spend inside has left many of us searching for ways to improve our homes.One of the most popular questions is how to expand our interiors to get the most out of what space we have.

A recent survey revealed that over half of Brits said they would like to have a bigger home if possible. In this article, we discover ways of successfully maximising the space in your home.

Organise your storage

The best way to create more room in any home is by utilising storage space. Fitted wardrobes and built-in storage units are both tried and tested ways to expand our homes – by neatly efficiently organising our clothing and belongings. Not only does this help to maximise space, but it also helps homes to look more mess-free and minimal.

Embrace open plan

According to reports, search results related to “open plan living” had a staggering 400% incline from 2020 to 2021. This aligns with our desire to seek out more space within our homes – as one of the best ways of doing so is by knocking down walls and embracing open plan living! Whether it’s one wall you’re waving goodbye to, or it’s an entire renovation project you wish to embark on, an open plan home will certainly feel more spacious.



Clutter has been scientifically proven to cause stress. A published report from the Journal of Environmental Psychology recently discovered that “clutter has a negative impact on overall well-being. It also increases stress, decreases productivity, and leads to unhealthy habits.” This demonstrates just how powerful clutter within our homes can be, and the negative impact it can have on us. By clearing out our homes and getting rid of unwanted or unused items, we can feel instantly lifted, happier and less anxious without our homes.

Utilise high ceilings

High ceilings can be a brilliant solution to alternative storage methods. Instead of putting bulky items in the corners of our rooms, such as bookcases, or wooden storage units that take up valuable space, why not opt for floating shelves instead? Not only does this maximise storage space but it can also be a striking centrepiece to any room, adding a splash of texture and colour.


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