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Making the Correct Choice for Your Corporate Animation Studio

It’s not the easiest process when it comes to picking a video production company. Today, it can be a tricky task to communicate and market to your target audience. It may seem like there are too many platforms, venues, and formats that can be used to reach your audience and it can be quite overwhelming. There are just so many options for content and assets to produce.

Explainer videos are an effective marketing tool. They have grown over time with corporate video production services and they are extremely popular. It’s estimated that only 19% of businesses have yet to use an explainer video.

Marketing Basics

Making a first impression can only happen once, there’s no second chance. This is especially true if you’re talking about explainer videos. There is absolutely no margin for error and you don’t have very long to make that amazing first impression and stand out from the others to draw in customers. It’s a make-or-break decision when choosing a video animation production company. If you need some tips, here are five of them that I’ve come up with to ensure you find the best animation studio for your company.

What Do You Need?

The first thing you need to do is figure out what exactly it is that you need from the corporate video company you want to pick. Once you make a deal, it can be very hard to back out of it because you didn’t do your research and they now lack something that’s important to you.


Your budget is another important aspect of picking a specific video production company. It’s a known fact that explainer video companies like to overcharge for their services. They may offer you the same services that another video production service, but that other services charges only half the price. You may have to do some digging before you choose a video production company.


Additionally, you should always take a look at a company’s showreel. This highlights their recent projects and it gives you a clear idea of what they do, their style, depth, and creativity, amongst other things. You will have the ability to scope out their quality and professionalism of what they do. Do they deliver what you need? Are they creative enough? Read up on some of their case studies if they have them. You should find a project they have done and see whether or not they were able to rise to the client’s objectives. Also, always go with your instincts. If the video you are watching makes you say “I love it!”, then it’s probably a good judge of quality and creativity.

The Shorter The Better

Explainers can be used in a variety of ways depending on the level of creativity you put into it. Looking at it from the eyes of content marketing, the shorter the video, the better. It can be easily uploaded to social media and it’s simple to view for your followers.  The creative production studio doesn’t know what their customers want. So it’s important to choose the right animation studio that WILL know what you want based on little information

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