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8 Things You Can Do With Kids If You Live Near the Ocean

Living near the ocean gives you and your family a wide variety of opportunities for fun in the water, sun and sand. If you have kids, take advantage of being a short drive away from the gorgeous waves and beaches and spend more time together as a family with activities like San Diego whale watching and taking long walks on the beach. Here are eight things you can do with kids at the beach.

1. Explore Tide Pools

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Give your kids a hands-on lesson in marine biology by exploring the fascinating San Diego tide pools. Witness and learn about the sea creatures native to this area, such as anemones, sea hares, mussels, crabs, snails and sea stars.

2. Go for a Seashell Hunt

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Next, explore the beauty of the California coastline by foot and go for a treasure hunt. Recruit your kids to help collect seashells and sea glass that washes up during the tide. Go after a storm to get the most variety.

3. Play in the Water

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When the weather’s nicest at the height of summer, reserve a day for playing in the water. Splash around in the shallow waves with your kids or take them out further for some surfing lessons if they’re older and strong swimmers. Enjoy some of the cleanest, most pristine beaches in the world.

4. Try Some Fishing 

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Another great activity that is kid-friendly and fun is a day of fishing. There are many prime fishing spots along the coast that are perfect for little anglers. Try your hand at surf fishing, pier fishing or book a deep-sea fishing charter boat to get the most bites.


5. Go Sailing 

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Having access to miles of Pacific coastline also gives families plenty of opportunities to get out on the water in a boat. Go to your local marina to find out about different sailing options to explore the deeper waters of the ocean. Consider booking a sunset sailing trip, a wildlife viewing excursion or a custom voyage celebrating a special event.

6. Build Sandcastles

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If you have small children, a few hours on the sand is perfect for a playdate. Grab some inexpensive sand toys and get started on building castles and other structures in the biggest sandbox in the world.

7. Spot Some Whales 

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The coast in this area is also home to some of the most incredible sea creatures in the world, whales. Humpback whale watching San Diego gives you and your family a front-row seat to these amazing creatures that rule the ocean.

8. Have a Scenic Picnic 

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Finally, the beach also makes a dramatic backdrop for an impromptu family picnic. Give your kids some more outdoor time by having a picnic lunch or dinner by the water. Pack some sandwiches and other favorites or order takeout meals and dine in style on the beach.

Living within driving distance of a beach or ocean gives kids the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the coast’s many treasures. Let your kids experience the wonder of the beach lifestyle by doing some of these activities with them and making family time even more incredible.


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