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Netbase Offers Guidelines for an Effective Social Media Audit!

Netbase is a renowned social media analytics company that helps clients determine how successful its social media marketing strategies are and what they can do to improve their digital presence to attract more customers. Engaging in a social media audit of your company’s current social media presence and activity is a great place to start assessing what types of marketing changes may be necessary in the future. Netbase offers the following guidance to companies preparing for a social media audit or seeking more information about how to make the most of this informative process. The results it can provide can set the tone for a company’s digital future.

What is Involved in a Social Media Audit?

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This process typically involves evaluating a company’s online presence by collecting information about its online profiles and how it fares in terms of customer interaction. One of the things that an audit checks for at the initial stage is whether all of a company’s online profiles are consistent so that its target audience is receiving the same message. Even if the company presents slightly differently across various social media platforms, an audit will flag if there are branding discrepancies that could cloud a company’s message to customers.

Another important aspect of the audit is identifying any copycat profiles that could be spreading false or misleading information about the company. This is crucial for maintaining brand integrity and enforcing its intellectual property rights. Once any false profiles are identified, the company can begin the process of having them removed or initiating legal action to do so.

Analyzing the Metrics from an Audit

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It is important to know how effective the company’s current social media strategies are, but it is even more helpful to know where you want to go. An audit will help you set attainable goals for improving your online presence without you having to blindly invest in new digital marketing strategies. This gives you a reliable starting point from which to judge your return on investment for any social media marketing campaigns. If you have got negative reviews in auditing, here are strategies for helping your business handle negative reviews.

Continue Doing What is Working Best

The key takeaway from an audit is to identify which posts and other content receive the most positive interactions and are shared most by your followers. This gives you valuable insight into which types of posts you should focus on creating to increase potential customer engagement and brand awareness. As the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It is important to not get so bogged down in areas for improvement after an audit that you do not continue to encourage what activities have gone right for your company.

More Information About Social Media Audits from Netbase

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Netbase has won numerous awards for its quality work representing clients who have invested significantly in their social media marketing campaigns. It can provide real-time social media auditsĀ and analysis of the results of a marketing strategy and equips companies with the tools they need to stay flexible and proactive with their marketing activities. It boasts more than two decades of senior management leadership and has some of the top leaders in social media marketing on its talented team. One of the things that set Netbase apart from its peers is that it provides social media analytics to clients that get at the heart of what their target customers want. It does more than simply quantify customer interactions and provides an in-depth review of what customers think of its clients’ brands.

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