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One-Up Your Online Ludo Journey With the Given Strats

Over the years, the board game of ludo has been given many titles, but the most famous nickname that millions of fans all around the globe use when referring to ludo is “King of Board Games.” As per The Hindu, ludo outclassed all other board games and emerged as the most popular board game during the COVID-19 lockdown. During the pandemic, the game was played by millions of people in different parts of the world, especially in India. The popular board game receives immense love from fans for numerous reasons. For starters, the game has simple and easy-to-understand rules that any individual, irrespective of the age group they belong to, can easily follow. Secondly, to indulge in an offline ludo match, all players need is a ludo board and tokens.

The popularity of the most-loved board game is not restricted to the orthodox offline version. Ludo enthusiasts can indulge in virtual ludo matches against friends, family members, or even anonymous opponents by downloading an online ludo game. To play ludo online, all enthusiasts need is a top-tier online ludo game and a smartphone with a reliable Internet connection. Besides offering players a chance to win exciting rewards, online ludo games also facilitate them to have an immersive and realistic ludo experience. Most fans prefer playing online ludo over the conventional offline method because the former way is more convenient and hassle-free.

Even though playing ludo offers a fun and exciting experience, it is a strategy-based game that requires players to play smartly by making sensible moves. Even though a particular strategy does not always work, ludo players can follow certain tricks and techniques to trounce their opponents. This article will list numerous strategies following which players can easily win online ludo matches. Let us dive right into it:

1. Play with Multiple Tokens

Every participant in a ludo match has four tokens to play with; Their main objective is to ensure that their tokens reach the base before any of their opponents’ tokens. However, players must score “6” on the dice to take tokens out of their respective houses. Once a token is out of the house, players start marching toward the base. Different players have different perspectives when it comes to managing and moving tokens. Some prefer focusing on a single token rather than marching multiple tokens simultaneously. Even though this strategy facilitates players to make their tokens reach their base quickly, it also increases the risk of getting eliminated by the opponent’s tokens. Thus, every ludo player is advised to open or take all tokens out of their house as soon as possible and move them simultaneously toward the base. Doing so not only increases the chances of the player winning the game but also helps confuse the opponents by making it difficult for them to decide which token they should target.

2. Follow an Offensive Path

There is a very popular saying that goes like “Offense is the best defense,” which also stands true in the case of ludo games. Instead of trying only to make their tokens reach the base first, players should also try eliminating their opponents’ tokens and sending them back to their houses. Players should keep looking for risk-free opportunities to destroy their opponents’ tokens. Players must score a “6” on the dice whenever a token gets eliminated and use the number to march an eliminated token out of their house. Scoring a “6” on the dice may take lots of turns; thus, removing tokens is considered a foolproof strategy in ludo games.

3. Obstruct the Path of Opponents

As mentioned earlier, players’ primary objective in a ludo match is to ensure their tokens reach the base earlier than their opponent’s tokens. Thus, the main priority of players, besides providing their tokens reach first, should be to eliminate opponents’ tokens. However, luck may not always be in favor of the opponent. Hence, another effective strategy players can follow to hinder their opponent’s chances of winning is blocking their pathway. Throughout a physical or virtual ludo board, there are numerous milestone points where tokens cannot be eliminated. Hence, players should try placing and leaving one or two of their tokens at milestones and wait patiently for their opponents’ tokens to arrive. Once the opponent’s tokens are ahead of the player’s, the latter can try eliminating the former one’s tokens and fare ahead in the game. It is a foolproof strategy that works seamlessly in most ludo games, and thus, players should try implementing this strategy when they are not getting good numbers on the dice.

4. Think Before Making a Move

Even though this is not much of a strategy as opposed to the aforementioned points, thinking before making a move works wonders. There are instances when a ludo match becomes so intense that making even a single mistake can cost players the match. In such cases, players should play with an open mind and take their time to make a move after getting any number on the dice. Doing so will not only ensure that players do not make a wrong move but also put pressure on the opponents and prevent them from thinking straight. Thus, any individual who wishes to win intense ludo games should consider all the possibilities before making a move. Individuals who want to win most of their online ludo games should follow the aforementioned strategies and tricks.

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