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Psychological Tricks Of Businesses To Attract Customers

In the world of business, there is cutthroat competition. Every business wants to push its sales and become the market leader. Of course, there are always a few bad apples in a batch. There are some businesses out there who trick consumers and apply unfair means. That is why, every consumer must be a little bit careful whenever they purchase anything, be it a product or a service. We will tell you about the most popular ways in which businesses trick consumers and we will also talk about how consumers can exercise caution.

Here are the most popular ways in which businesses tend to trick consumers:

False Advertisements

Of course, there are strict laws against false advertising in every country but businesses are able to get away with it at times on technical grounds. Basically, some businesses make claims in their ads that are both exaggerated as well as vague. We see this very frequently in ads promoting cosmetics and grooming products. There are tons of instances when ads claim that a shampoo can cure hair-fall or a deodorant can make people attractive to women. We all know better to steer clear of such things.

Fake Reviews

Businesses know that consumers use reviews as solutions to false advertising on the internet. They understand that ads present a conflict of interest and reviews have a better chance of being unbiased. So, some businesses tend to deliberately plant fake reviews in forums to make it seem as if people love their product.

How Consumers Can Be Careful?

Check Multiple Reviews

In order to prevent yourself from falling for fake reviews, it is important to visit multiple forums instead of just one. As the old saying goes, never put all your eggs in one basket. You should crosscheck things as many times as you can and always seek second opinions. At the end of the day, it is actually about statistics. If at least 6 out of 10 people call the product good, only then can you believe that the product is a good one.

Read the Terms & Conditions

Most of us have a tendency of skipping this because we do not like reading long dull passages explaining boring rules. However, being thorough with the terms and conditions will definitely give you an extra edge. It is a lot like reading the manual for a product. This is valid for every business regardless of which domain they are in. One of the most common examples is online casinos. There are many T & Cs when playing on an online casino and there are comparison sites that help with the technical understanding. The sites also check for all the best bonuses including no wagering bonuses and give advice on how to claim. Additionally, they offer FAQs, giving important information on everything about all different types of bonuses. Similarly, in mutual funds, you cannot expect zero market risk. Everything has some clause or the other.

Be Aware of Your Rights

One of the most essential things to do is being aware of the law of the land. As we mentioned earlier, every government in every country keeps in place certain statutory regulations for the protection of consumers. There are consumer forums where you can reach out to the authorities and seek help. Although, to be able to do that, you must know how. Make sure that you are aware of the procedures so that you do not have to waste money on an expensive lawyer.

Check for Certifications

Whenever you visit the official site of a business, never forget to scroll down to the bottom of the homepage because that is where businesses usually display their certifications. For example, an eCOGRA certification is very essential for businesses that involve data. It is one of the 3 best ways to protect data online. The term ‘eCOGRA’ is an abbreviation of the term ‘e-Commerce & Online Gaming Regulation & Assurance’.

Final Thoughts 

So, now that you have gone through the aforementioned points, you may have a clear idea of how you can safeguard yourself from falling prey to commercial malpractices. Always stay vigilant and use reputable vendors, then you should have no worries.

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