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Shopify Vs Lightspeed: Which Among These POS Solutions Is Better?

As a store owner, if you have decided to use a POS solution for your store, you have taken a wise decision. The next thing to do is to decide which system is right for your store. There are many POS solutions available in the market that you can consider using.

Two of the most popular POS solutions are Shopify and Lightspeed. In case you were confused about which of these solutions to adopt, then this article will help guide you. It offers a comparison of the two to help you decide which to select, read more.

Shopify POS

Shopify POS allows store owners to implement a point of sale solution easily and effectively. Shopify allows stores to accept any form of payment, integrate inventory and order management, manage refunds, taxes, and perform many other activities required by a POS.

There are more than 800,000 businesses using Shopify. It is a fully customizable solution and is available for a 14-day free trial that allows users to decide if they want to buy it. 

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Shopify POS allows the convenience of accepting credit card payments easily

Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed POS is an ideal POS solution for retail businesses and restaurants. It offers features like inventory management, sales tracking, and report generation to ensure the store has all the tools needed to run the business effectively. Lightspeed Retail offers a 14-day free trial to help stores decide if they like the software before they purchase it.

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Lightspeed POS allows restaurants and retailers to do more with their POS

A Comparison Of Shopify And Lightspeed POS Solutions

If you were confused over whether to choose Shopify or Lightspeed, then go through the various parameters below.


Shopify is a POS solution available on the cloud. It is offered on a monthly subscription basis with many plans to choose from. A monthly contract is needed before you can start using it. Small businesses can also use Shopify as it contains plans that cost very little, such as the Lite plan that charges $9 per month.

Lightspeed is available on the cloud as well as on-premise. It is priced through a monthly subscription fee, charged per terminal used. This platform requires a yearly contract before you can start using it. Lightspeed comprises plans that start from $59 per month.


Shopify offers 24/7 toll-free support and has a 24/7 online case submission facility. Also, the help website is available with various resources that explain how Shopify works. 

Lightspeed has a 24/7 toll-free support. It also has an online case submission facility and a helpful website with comprehensive resources on how to work the platform. 

Ease Of Use

Shopify is user-friendly software. You will find it incredibly simple to install and use this platform. Moreover, support is available for users if they face any problems.

Lightspeed has a dashboard that allows users to utilize the software without any problems. This platform also provides support in case there are any problems during usage.

Inventory Management

Shopify has one of the best, easy, and effective inventory management systems. With Shopify’s multiple features, you can add product images, descriptions, and even do a bulk upload of product data. 

Lightspeed has an easy inventory management system to use. All products can be easily organized,  and also an import and export facility is available.

Shipping Tools

Shopify has many shipping apps on its store that you can use to manage your shipping operations easily. Oberlo is one of the top apps that Shopify offers. All functions needed for shipping are available through its app.

Lightspeed has a shipping tool to help you track orders. Real-time updates are given, which can be sent to the customers to keep them updated.


Shopify allows you to integrate your store with 1200 different apps and tools. These can be organized through different categories, like store design, shipping, marketing, etc. Apps are also organized in the form of collections.

Lightspeed has 250 partners whose apps can be integrated with their POS. Different categories of integration like service, loyalty, social media, etc. are available.


Shopify has its own payment gateway called Shopify Payment that does not charge additional fees. It also allows you to choose from 100 different gateways.

Lightspeed offers payments through different payment gateways. It too has its own payment interface called Lightspeed Payments.

Customer Feedback

Shopify is recommended by 68% of those who use the solution. It has a 4.5/5 rating from 2771 reviews.

Lightspeed is recommended by 66% of users. It has a 4/5 rating by customers from 630 reviews online.




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