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Angriya Cruise: An Experience That Promises A Ball Of A Time

Rushing through the seas has its own wonderful feeling. It takes us to all the places where the urban streets cannot. The water, the wind and that amazing feeling of the fusion of both cannot be captured by any camera.

You would hardly miss the chance of travelling to Goa in your life. Hence, to do that, set foot on the most awaited cruise “Angriya” which will take you to perhaps the best journey of your life.

The cruise runs from Mumbai to Goa and vice-versa. It takes roughly 14 hours to complete this journey. Angriya Cruise will look after all your essentials to make this voyage unforgettable. You will be provided with a variety of rooms one better than the other. You can treat your eyes with the wide view of the seas from your room while sipping on your mocktails. The open spaces will feed the appetite of your eyes with the beauty of the ocean. The cruise also takes care of your actual appetite serving absolute delicacies of all sorts.

Angriya Cruise

Spend a quality vacation at Mumbai to Goa Angriya Cruise.


The open deck beats them all. Relax in the sunshine, to the music of the birds and the waves, with the absorbing view of the sea and a mellow puff of air grazing your skin. The cruise gives you a variety of options for the deck. You choose the one for yourself and claim the best experience that one can have on the cruise.

Angriya Cruise will turn your dreams into truth, on the board, sending you home with memories that will stay for a lifetime. Check out the facilities you’ll get:

Facilities You Will Get

Facilities in Angriya Cruise
  • Feast at two beautiful restaurants with a variety of global cuisines.
  • Booze at six different theme bars on the top floor.
  • Shake that body at the Fathom Lounge, lose yourself fully with the best tunes at the incredible dance floor.
  • Rejuvenate at the Dry Dock spa and spoil yourself by expertise hands.
  • Cool down at the Infinity pool, skinny dip while your cruise embraces the ocean.
  • Give a boost to yourself on multiple open decks that are designed just to present you with the finest view of the ocean.
  • You get to choose from 8 amazing staying options on the cruise.
sneak peek around Facilities in Angriya Cruise

Now that you have decided to go on this amazing voyage, you should note some things first

  • Angriya Cruiseis a passenger ship of seven decks, 131 meters long that was built in 1997. This was used to bring passengers to Ogaswara from Tokyo. Indeed, you will find those lovely Japanese components intact!
  • Angriya is registered under the DG Shipping of India as first Class 4 RSVP ( River Sea Passenger Vessel)
  • It is the first luxury cruise in the country.
  • It runs between Mumbai and Goa, unveiling the richness of its corals and the Royal Sea Forts. The two docks are the Princess Docks’ Purple Gate in Mumbai and the Mormugao port in South Goa.
  • Three times a week the cruise from Angriya Cruisewill go to Goa except for the monsoon.
  • A skilled team of 25 marine staff along with 60 employees of hospitality will be there for you 24×7.
  • The cruise was named Angriya Cruiseto pay respects to the first-ever Maratha Navy Admiral Kanhoji Angre.
  • Capacity for a private party, engagement celebration or an outside business conference can also be planned apart from being a commuter cruise liner.
  • The cruise service is a partnership between Mumbai Port Trust and Angriya Sea Eagle Pvt Ltd.

The luxury cruise has 104 rooms inside it. There is a wide range among the rooms, which are available at different prices. Luxury suites, premium rooms, mate rooms and many more are some of the kind. The ship has six pubs, two stores, a swimming pool, a dance hall, reading spaces, and so on. If you are exhausted and want some incredible hands to relax, go to luxurious spa rooms. To direct you more and to provide you with important historical information, the team is ready to charge you with expertise when you’re on your path. The ship often offers smokers with certain designated areas to smoke while sailing.

Let Us Take A Look At The Luggage Situation Of Angriya Cruise

  • You are only allowed to carry 25 kgs of baggage and 10 kgs of cabin baggage per passenger.
  • Children under the age of 12 years are allowed to carry only 25 kilos on board.
  • Pets are not allowed on the ship.
  • Women with 6+ months of pregnancy are not allowed on the ship due to health and safety issues.
  • Infants under the age of 6 are also restricted on this cruise.

The voyage starts from the port of Mumbai straight at 17:00 and returns the next day at 9:00 p.m. to your final destination. The cruise travels along the coasts of Konkan, which in itself, gives you delightful vistas. If you are planning to make the most out of your vacation then choosing Angriya Cruise will be a great decision.

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