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Top Myths and the facts of bitcoins that you must know

As you know, the story and trend of bitcoin trading are increasing daily. Here are some myths about bitcoin also. The reason behind some bitcoin myths is that people do not adequately comprehend the bitcoins as they only depend on the new principle, which is known as Blockchain technology.

There are facts and myths about bitcoin trading, its creation, and its usage. In this article, we will be going to give you information on the popular myths and facts about bitcoins.

Bitcoins Myths and facts

In this section, we will cover the myths and the facts about bitcoins that are needed to understand. To avoid such myths and trade cryptos in a secured way, you can tryBitcoin Pro.

Bitcoin is supported by nothing

It’s one of the most common misconceptions regarding bitcoin. The big worry that a huge of people have to know is that there is nothing backed by bitcoin. Bitcoins are considered a non-fiat program that does not have the government support.  It is true that BTC is not a legal tender, but it is an excellent investment option that can give you a huge return. It is not essential to invest in an asset that is backed by government rules and regulations, because you can lose your funds in stocks and bonds too.

It is entirely anonymous and illegal.

They are not anonymous, and they are just pseudonyms that are used in transactions instead of using the actual identities. But all the transactions have access to the audit trail and are linked to the creator. The truth of the bitcoin is that it is not illegal. There is the reality that some of the central banks are not sure about the utility, whereas the other central banks are debating how to regulate bitcoins. So we can say that bitcoins are the legal currency.

It is used by terrorists and for unlawful purposes.

It is also a popular myth about bitcoin that it can be used more by terrorists for the wrong reasons. Here is the requirement to remember that there are sufficient checks and balances available in bitcoins to prevent them from mishaps. In fact, it has been determined that there is no evidence that bitcoins are utilized mainly by terrorists. Here the reality is that there is the occurrence of many privacy issues in blockchain technology.

It is a pyramid scheme.

Another myth about Bitcoin is that it is a pyramid scheme. You have to first know about the pyramid scheme to understand this myth. A pyramid scheme is a system that depends upon afool theory. The creator of the pyramid scheme is continued to collect the funds from those people who are promising good returns. The pyramid scheme exists as long as the new investment is pouring and stops when the method crumbles. Even though it is considered a decentralized system, there are no promises for profits. Even, there is no authorized company available that can earn a profit from BTC.

Too volatile of late bitcoin

If we make look at the bitcoin chart, then it will give the assumption that bitcoin has become volatile late. This occurs because most people are not friendly with this trading platform. According to this myth, it is considered highly volatile, and this is the exact way in which most of the currencies evolved for many years. It will take a lot of time to become a stable cryptocurrency. 

Can not steal bitcoins

This is the myth thought by the people about the bitcoin that it is never stolen. But it is not correct. As the cash was stolen, the bank account was hacked, and the gold and other jewelery filched, bitcoins were stolen.

With the presence of blockchain technology, the chances of bitcoin being stolen are less, but this technology depends upon the password. If the password is hacked, then you cannot keep your coins safe.


In last, it is concluded that bitcoins are not as dangerous as the media represent them. To protect the safety of your bitcoins, they maintain the bare minimum of balances and checks.

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