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When it Comes to Betting…Here are the Sports to Focus On

For as long as sports have been a globally popular entertainment, it has come hand in hand with betting as people love the thrill of getting involved for themselves by putting down some money on who they think will win, lose or score in any sport of their choosing. 

The betting industry has boomed over the years, especially since the use of online platforms has allowed businesses to take full advantage of people enjoy in the activity and be more readily available for users; it now takes seconds to place a bet with 888sports and thousands of others. But, when it comes to betting, which sports are the best to place wagers on?


When it comes to sports in general, football has always held the crown for the most beloved sport around the world, with an enormous fan base of around 4 billion people across the globe and its betting industry is worth billions on its own. The popularity of football has led to its fans becoming more and more interested in placing bets on winners, players and goal scorers; now leading to the game taking over the sports betting industry.

The growth of online betting sites, apps and platforms has allowed footy fans to place their bets before and during the action of a game and do so with simply the touch of a button, gone are the days where fans need stand in bookies to put down a wager, but some still prefer to do so, to give them the full experience.

Horse Racing

For as long as many will remember when sports betting was mentioned many of us would think of the tracks and placing a few pounds on the ponies and although this has not changed much, the manner in which people do so certainly has. Horse races have held onto their popularity but since their inaugurations long ago, they have become much more inclusive and although still hold onto their class through dress codes and other general rule, events are open to any and all, frequently including some famous faces and even the royal family at times. But it wouldn’t be horse racing if it wasn’t packed full of spectators placing bets trackside and viewers at home heading online to do the same.


Boxing is another sports whos betting is on the rise, with fan wanting to get in on the action by putting their money down on a multitude of outcomes form winners, losers and knock-outs. the fast pace environment of the sport makes it the perfect place for betting as events are full of excitement and even more so when the fans have their money riding on the success of the fighters, as well as boxing giving bettors many different tyroes of bets to place. Again, like many sports nowadays, betting sites have taken advantage of boxings increasing popularity in the world of wagers and

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