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10 Best movies that Portray Father-Child Relationship

A Very Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing Fathers out there. Without Father’s, life wouldn’t have been so beautiful and worth-living. Today, we will be looking  at some amazing movies that capture the father-child relationship perfectly. 


Directed by  Bollywood Bengali director Shoojit Sircar, this is one of the best father- daughter movies in recent times. Amitabh Bachchan plays the role of Bhaskor Benarjee, an old man suffering from constipation. He might be an old man but needs attention and care just like a baby requires.  Piku, played by Deepika Padukone is a doting daughter who makes sure that her dad gets all the comfort he needs. Quite irritated sometimes by his not so grave problems, Piku’s character highlights the  solicitous nature of every daughter towards their Dad. Bhaskar is much dependent on Piku, so much so that he does not want her daughter to get married. This movie is an absolute favourite and hence is on the first list.


Irrfan Khan’s last movie is such a fantastic film. This movie shows how far a father can  actually go for his child’s dreams. He leaves no stone unturned to fulfill his daughter’s dream to study abroad. Owning a simple sweet shop, it was quite difficult for him to manage all things alone. This is one of the most memorable movies of all time.


The film based on the novel Man, Woman and Child depicts the life of a Delhi based architect DK,married to Indu. All of a sudden, one day DK learns that  he  has a son, from another woman who is now rendered orphan due to the death of his mother. Directed by Shekhar Kapur the movie focuses on the bond between a married man (Naseeruddin Shah) and a legitimate child (Jugal Hansraj). This is a touching movie on father-child relationships.


The Pursuit of Happyness features real life father son duo Will and Jaden Smith.  Chris is left alone to raise Christopher on his own when his wife  walks out. Chris has no proper job to serve his son and himself properly. They spend their time sleeping in streets as they are evicted  from their apartment. The movie shows  beautifully yet realistically how a father rises above his obstacles and supports his child. The film proves that every hurdle can be faced if you have love and support from your loved ones.


Big B played the role of ‘Auro’ who suffers from the genetic disorder which made him look five times older than he actually is. Interestingly enough, Big B and Jr Bachchan switched their roles on screen to create magic. This brilliant piece by R Balki is another unconventional story of a father-son duo portraying the fact that both are incomplete without each other.

6.CHACHI 420 

 This movie will make you cry. A divorcee wishes to see his little daughter more often and thus takes  a false appearance of a maid and becomes the caretaker of his own daughter. Based on a Hollywood movie, ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’, this emotional drama portrays  the undying love of a father for his daughter. Kudos to Jaiprakash Paswan or Lakshmi Godbole played by Kamal Haasan.


This blockbuster movie proves that blood relationships  are not always greater than relationships of heart. Neglected by their  cunning and selfish son’s, the ageing couple gets immense support and unconditional love from their adopted son Alok,played by Salman Khan. This movie beautifully highlights the effort of  an adopted son  who carries out  his duties in a responsible way. The movie also implies the idea that as much as we need our parents in our childhood, they too need us in their old age.


This heartwarming film portrays the father and son bond. John  Tremont spends a lot of time with his sick dad and  teaches him to do things around the house. DAD reminds us all of the importance of family.


 In a village, where young girls were forced to marry, the strict father  Mahavir Singh Phogat wants  his daughters to remain focused on wrestling and hence concentrate on their career. Unlike other  unthoughtful fathers in the village, Mahaveer Singh gave his daughters the opportunity to make their life more worth-living and hence they won medals for our country. This inspirational movie is a must-watch.

10. 102 NOT OUT

 This amazing story explores the opposite worldviews of a father and son. Dattatraya Vakharia, tries every possible way to make his gloomy son’s life joyful. An outstanding movie with two best talented actors, the film has a lot to teach. 

The List contains both Bollywood and Hollywood Movies that capture the significant relationship between a father and a child. These films about fatherhood are spectacular. Tell us your views in the comment section below. Which one is your favourite?

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