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10 Top Things You Must Do in Prague!

Even the well-traveled pair of eyes will be mesmerized with the beauty of Renaissance architecture and the old school Gothic charm of Prague. Prague is the best place to visit for those who want to travel back in time on a budget. If you are planning a trip this upcoming vacation season without blowing your bank balance, then here is your guide to a budget-friendly Prague getaway.


When it comes to budget stays, nothing can beat the price of hostels in Prague. These hostels are luxury on a budget to say the least. With facilities like indoor swimming pools, saunas, gyms, onsite bars, playrooms and a lot more, these hostels can cost you from about $10 to $25 for a shared dorm room for a night but the prices can fluctuate depending on the season. Cheap Prague hotels are also aplenty if you happen to be traveling with family and can start from about €40 a night. Looking for hotels that are in the interiors is a great way to stay in budget. The entire city is well connected with trams which make traveling a breeze even if you are situated away from the bustle of the city’s center.


Speaking of travel brings us to conveyance obviously. When it comes to transportation, Prague has an incredibly efficient and budget-friendly network of public transport which includes buses, trams, and subways. One can get a 30 minutes ticket for as less as $1. However, for travelers, we suggest buying a 24 or 72 hours pass for about $4.80 and $13.50 respectively and can be used for traveling in metros, buses or trams. Exploring the city on foot strolling through the cobblestoned paths is also very exciting. Remember to bring quality walking shoes.

where to stay in prague


Breakfasts are quite budget-friendly and a filling one at a café typically featuring toast, jam, bacon, yogurt, fresh fruits, and a beverage will shell around $4-$5 from your pocket. Going for the yummy Czech pancakes called Palačinky is also a good way to start your day. Deli shops in Prague sell Chlebíčkywhich is an open sandwich and a must-have. The city is dotted with street food vendors selling specialties like SmaženýSýr, Trdelník, and GrilovanéKlobásywhich serve as filling snacks on the go while you cruise through the city.

When it comes to lunch, some of the must-try dishes are Guláš, Svíčková, Řízek, Pečená-Kachina-Se-Zelím, Koleno, Vepřo-Knedlo-Zelo and Halušky. If you are a food lover then find yourself an opportunity to go to a Farmer’s Market. It is beaming with the local culture and delectable food made by locals such as breads and cakes. Fresh vegetables and fruits will mesmerize you and you can take some to your hostel and cook yourself a memorable dinner with fresh local produce.

Beer with it

Czech has a love affair with beer and a boost in producing the best brews. Put that claim to the test and down cheap cold pivo by the river for a very Prague experience.

Take a Cruise on the Vlata

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Prague is bisected by the beautiful Vlata River and if you are here then you cannot go back without cruising over this beauty. Prague from the cruise is going to be a very unique and definitely memorable experience. Make sure you book your ticket beforehand online to save yourself some time standing in the queue and also some of them require prior reservations. Cruises which are long enough, say about 2 hours or more, also offer lunch or dinner on board. A one hour cruise will shell about $15.

Walk Across the Charles Bridge

Speaking of the Vita, how can we not mention the infamous Charles Bridge! It is the oldest bridge in the city which is cheerfully filled with street performers, locals, and tourists. A view of the lit-up city from this bridge after the sun goes down is ethereal, to say the least.

Peek in history at the Prague Castle

A guided tour of this marvel of Renaissance architecture, which is now a UNESCO Heritage Site, will give you a deeper understanding of the 1000 years’ worth of rich history of the Castle. Entry to the grounds of the castle is absolutely free. However, you may have to buy a combined ticket to see the breath-taking buildings such as the St Vitus Cathedral, Basilica of St George and Golden Lane. The changing of the guards is a very fascinating affair that you shouldn’t miss.


Watch the Astronomical clock strike and hour

The astronomical Clock is situated in the Old Town Square. The most intriguing aspect of this giant clock is how the metallic relics put on a magical show at the stroke of every hour. The old Town hall tower which houses the clock will give you a bird’s eye view of the beautiful city for a price of around $11 and it is worth every penny.

Art attack

Prague is dotted with art pieces from the street to the museums. Stunning world-famous sculptures like the alien babies on Kampa, the giant transforming Franz Kafka head outside the Quadrio shopping center, A cloaked man sits hunched over near Estates Theatre. After all that comes, the Lennon Wall filled with Graffiti of the Beatles, Lennon himself, their song release. So, if you are a Beatles fan or an art enthusiast or both then this is a must-visit. 

Make your mind work at Mind Maze

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The Mind Maze in Prague is a reminder to it connected to the alchemists. Once you get in this vintage fashioned chamber, you will find yourself locked in the Alchemist’s chamber and will have 60 minutes to escape by solving a series of riddles and puzzles. This is a really fun thing to try with a friend or family and something that will definitely pique your interest.

Prague looks straight out of a fairy-tale during the Christmas season and is known for its Christmas markets. So, if you are planning a vacation soon then you know where to go.

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