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France is a country of art and architecture, of history and culture, but also features as a country with best skiing resorts too. Bounded by the Alps and Pyrenees, France provides with certain beautiful skiing resorts, dotted over the Rhone-Alps and the Pyrenees, in the world. The mountain ranges in France are a skier’s paradise, whether you are a newbie or a daring skier up for a thrilling experience again, or planning a skiing trip with family.

If you crave the rush of fun and freedom, and immense love for ski thrill, then here are top 10 ski resorts of France. Also, dont forget to check 3 vallees property


Located in the Arrondissement of Grenoble, Ski Alpe-D’Huez is the one rarest skiing resorts which is accommodative for all types of people, where it is enjoyable for everyone.

It contains one of the largest skiing areas of France, and has 250kms of slope available for skiing and snowboarding.

What distinguishes this resort from the rest is the challenging slopes in the glacier area, and its diverse, steep 16km long slopes, on the high Pic Blanc Glacier

And while the upper slopes are for the daring and the fun, the lower slopes are for the newcomers on jovial and broad green voie.


Being one of the classiest and most expensive ski resorts, Courchevel is located in the world’s largest lift-linked ski area, in the vast Trois Valley ski area.

Courchevel is immensely popular among wealthy tourists as well as among celebrities, and its terrain suits everyone, from beginners to expert.

Courchevel’s six resort villages are linked by lifts, voies and a road, which winds its way up to the mountain slope, simply known as Courchevel. All these six villages are linked by efficient and frequent bus service, so transportation is never a problem.

Dotted with premium five-star resorts and varied designer outlets to visit, Courchevel is an over-whelming ski resort with many fun-clad skiers.


Known as the Savoyard ski resort with the Red Hat, La Plagne is a ski resort located in the Tarentaise Valley. Facing the Mont Blanc range, the resort is situated right in the heart of the Alps, thus giving a chance to explore the mountains for both skiing and trekking.

The resort also provides a direct and easy access to the huge Paradiski domain, which is ideal for advanced, off-voie skiers and can be reached by Vanoise Express Cable Car.

La Plagne naturally suits all visitors, given the variety of slopes and ways available.

La Plagne is more than just a destination, it is a place where, in the typical Savoyard villages, one could create the best memories while on ski runs or hike. And as said by many of the skiers who have visited this resort, it is simply a succession of unforgettable memories.


Tignes is one of the winter destinations in France, for being snow dependable. It is comprised of five villages, and offers a wide range of snow sport activities such as air bag jumps, a half pipe, snow parks and, the longest black run in the Espace Killy Sache, the kind an adrenaline pumped individual would look for.

It offers a huge area of 300km of pathway meant for all abilities served by 78 lifts. It usually opens from late June-late July for summer skiing and snowboarding, while for the winter season it usually reopens in late-September.

The main villages of Tignes are set on a breath-taking mountain plateau, which includes an ancient centre, a church and local art shops, while the resort also boasts of natural features such as hidden ice caves.

There are plentiful non-ski activities such as ice-diving in the resort’s lake, an indoor climbing wall, a bowling alley among others.

The resort is linked by free local bus because of the spread-out nature of the resort’s villages. Tignes is more of a natural feast, offering some of the finest slopes of France, aesthetically pleasing.


Being one of Alps biggest skiing area, Serre Chevalier is a ski resort with 13 villages and 250kms of pristine pines. Most of the skiable slopes are found around Villeneuve and Chantemerle, mid-way along the Hautes-Alpes valley, while six peaks of the Alpes encompass Chevalier.

Along with offering great skiing activity in a high mountain atmosphere, Serre Chevalier also offers peaceful skiing in the pine woods and family skiing in special designated areas of the resort, owing to its vast area.

In addition to snowboarding and adventurous off-path trips, Chevalier is a picturesque as well as an affordable skiing destination in France to learn and then get serious skiing done.


The highest resort in Europe, at an altitude of 2300metres, Val Thorens is undoubtedly one of the best skiing resorts of France, that combines the best of skiing with the best of atmosphere.

Owing to its prime position, the resort offers stunning mountain views over the other side of the valley from a number of glacier points which are inclusive in the resort premises.

Val Thorens suit all snow sports abilities due to an exceptional snow cover and naturally configured slopes. In addition to skiing, snowboarding and other snow related fun and games, the resort is also famous for a number of fun bars and the biggest night club of Alps, known as Malaysia.

In its true sense, Val Thorens is not just a paradise for snow sports but also a state of mind, for actual enjoyment, the fun it offers and the fresh mountain air.


Located in the heart of Portes-du-Soleil, Avoriaz is one of the largest cross-border ski areas in the world. Sharing a border with Switzerland, the resort offers an area of 650 km, with more than 130km in vicinity of the resort border, and about 283 slope runs.

This 650km of area offers suitability for all levels of snow sports ability, since most of the slopes among the 283 are of high altitude, thus the resort providing an incredible playground for skiers.

The resort includes a ski-school with lessons for those willing, and offers the individuals to adapt to their own schedule. It also includes five snow parks and a super pipe, for the free-style skiers, while for the newbies, the snowy gardens and pathways are more than enough to enjoy, with dainty flakes and less slippery paths.

Avoriaz is one of those resorts to enjoy either the mountain sport or border hopping, your call.


Situated in the reputable Trois valley ski area, Les-Menuires is an easily accessible and affordable ski resort in the region. Its immediate neighbours, the other ski resorts such as the Val Thorens and Courchevel, add benefit to the resort by being well connected to it, whilst Les-Menuires retains it own less busy slopes. And being a less busy resort, it benefits by having slightly lower price in comparison to its neighbouring resorts.

The resort offers an infinite range of snow sports, starting with skiing to even big air bag jumping, as if all the mountain thrills are available at your ski tips.

With unbeatable value for money and an exceptional snow cover, Les-Menuires is not only a resort at high altitude providing snow sport options, but is inclusive of huge play areas, and joints for food, drinks and fun.


This breath-taking Chamonix Valley is not just famous for hosting the first Winter Olympics in 1924, but also hosts another attraction, Western Europe’s tallest mountain range, the Mont Blanc, and along with that, several ski areas that face the valley.

While most tourists visit Chamonix to ski, there are quite a lot who just visit for the beauty the valley provides. Skiing and snowboarding is just one of the aspects of the valley, but what blows the mind away is the cable car ride over the Mont Blanc, at an altitude of 3842 metres, providing the best view of the valley as well as Europe’s highest mountain.

For a hardcore skier, the steep slopes and extreme weather conditions, mostly during winter, suit them well, but for a beginner there is always a chance to learn and ace in this beautiful valley.

With swathes of uncharted snow around the ranges and heavy precipitation, Chamonix provides a wonderful option for ski lovers.


Meribel is a purpose-built resort in the western side of Tarentaise valley, constructed in the 1930s. It has good connection with both Courchevel and Val Thorens, thus providing a wide spectrum of slopes to discover.

The ski area in the resort is perfect for beginners due to wide network of green paths, as well as gives a beautiful village-like charm to stroll in the evening, with small huts rather than high rise buildings.

The resort villages are easily accessible by shuttle buses connecting the villages, and lift networks. And while it is largely an English-speaking resort, it donned a little less of French authenticity; nevertheless, Meribel offers a marveling and friendly atmosphere with few good pubs for some après-ski.

With the 36 blue runs that make up most of Meribel’s ski paths for the ski lovers, the resort along with its small dotted villages set on a hill with wooden alpine nests to rest, and adequate snow cover, Meribel is a picturesque village itself, right out from the fairy tales of far away beautiful land we read of.


An unspoiled and authentic alpine village in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region, St. Martin de Belleville offers a quick gateway to the fabulous Les 3-valley skiing area, but is otherwise tucked away from the otherwise commercialised ski areas.

It is an authentic Savoyard village, with narrow cobbled streets, stone and wood farms, and a clock tower in the area. Along with an incredible heritage and a must visit museum, the resort also provides Nordic adventure for those willing.

It is also famous for family skiing options, with full range of lessons and courses to learn skiing. you can also rent chalet st martin de belleville

Known as the Jewel of Three Valleys, this resort is stationed at an altitude of 1450metres, and offers all the levels to improve skiers and snowboarders, as well as includes great beginner slopes for the newbies.

These have been some of the best skiing spot for ages, frequented by snow lovers of all age, some for adventure, some for the beauty while some for relaxation from a hectic life. While skiing needs immense care and learning, it is worth the thrill, so next time if you plan a winter trip, why not choose one of these as your destination? There is so much more in France to provide for you than just its art and architecture. Ski in the morning, go clubbing in the night, and who knows, you might run into a friendly bear while on adventure. So, now you know where to go.

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