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11 best exotic holidays destinations around the World!

Our world is filled with inexpressible beauty and places to go, and it’s hard to say whether a solitary life would indeed be enough to experience all of it. Most of us will possibly never see everything that the world has to offer us, but it’s worth a shot!. If you are dreaming of lustrous sand and deep blue refreshing waters, abundant sunlight and cozy accommodation at the top landmarks, historic sights, and attractions that fill you with awe and respect, an exotic trip is waiting for you! According to studies,” travel can make you smarter and healthier“. So now clasp a sheet of paper and a pencil. It’s time to create that bucket list you’ve been meaning to write up: Here, are 10 implausible places to see around the world that are definitely worth adding to your bucket list of best vacation spots.


best exotic holidays destinations

A country of extravagant, with something to offer every visitor: from snow-iced mountains to hot Mediterranean beaches, from picturesque villages to cities that have bustled for thousands of year.   It is a charming European hub that never fails to astonish travelers. Praised for its glory, history and top-class cuisine,  Italy is dreamland to pizza, pasta, risotto, and numerous other dishes. The sights in Italy will take your breath away as it offers mesmerizing experiences. It’s a place you really need to visit at least once in your life.

Greece – 

best exotic holidays destinations

If you are thinking of the exemplary destination for your upcoming holidays. Greece is truly a divine place that should be on the bucket list. Greece has been the phare of history for many centuries and its past is emphasized on every stone, in every neighborhood! Stroll up and down the pebbled pathways and smell. The fragrances of the bloomed gardens, as well as the local delicacies cooked by the housewives. You are on the lookout for a relaxing environment, fun-filled activities, astounding nightlife you can find it here on Mykonos. On the beaches in the North, you can relish a relaxing more secluded beach day whereas in the South you are bound to have more of a party.


best exotic holidays destinations

An intercontinental hub for culture and the arts, those lucky enough to visit the French capital can expect to encounter.  The very cutting edge of fashion, music, theatre, and visual art, with more than its fair share of world-famous sites and crowd-pleaser, a reputation for fine-dining, and a vigorous nightlife, your only problem may be finding time to fit everything in.

The classical Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Art Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral. The Paris Fashion Week, French Open Grand Slam and Tour de France are some of the extremely famous and exciting attractions that attract couples, families, historians, and photographers to explore Paris from all over the world.


best exotic holidays destinations

Peru is one of the foremost emerging travel destinations for Travelers. From the former Inca ruins of Machu Picchu to the rich mystery of the Amazon rainforest to the world-renowned fare of urban Lima, this riveting destination has got it. Commonly known as the land of the Incas. Peru offers newlyweds luxury hotels on pleasing beaches, the exotic jungle, and the majestic Peruvian highlands,´Sierra´. If one is looking for adventure, fun during the trip for that have sports like Biking, Ziplining, Rafting and Hiking with exotic and spectacular views. This destination is highly glorified for foodies as Peru has one of the best cuisines in the world and a must visit place if you are planning for exotic holidays.


best exotic holidays destinations

Referred as the “gateway to the Orient”  Thailand can be said as an initiating point for many peoples further adventures in South East Asia. Thailand is prepossessing in many aspects, for starters. There are many mixes of natural goodness, soul touching phenomenal scenes and ancient history staring at you. When you listen to its name, you already think about beaches, beauty, jungles, and fare. And your thoughts are spot on. Thailand has a variety for travelers – no matter your budget. You can backpack Thailand here on a little budget or you can live the luxurious travel life in fancy resorts on the beach.


best exotic holidays destinations

America’s tropical paradise, Hawaii is a group of islands, each with something unusual to offer a visitor. The surfing on Oahu to the wonders of Maui, to the charm of Honolulu, to the hidden wonders on Lanai, Hawaii is the great tropical escape for those searching to stay within America. There are attractive beaches, amazing jungles, monstrous waterfalls, excellent diving, and world-class waves. Hawaii is a fascinating destination for honeymooners, surfers, and families.


best exotic holidays destinations

Fiji is a wonderland that is just as dreamy as it sounds! It is all about hopping and jumping waterfalls and pleasing white sand beaches lined with coconut palms. But the most notable feature of this island is its amicable and friendly locals. A remarkable fire walking ceremony by the Sawau tribe can give you goosebumps. You can also enjoy the kava drink and wild traditional dance. Marvel at the Savusavu Bay of perfect pearl cultivation and roam around in the Bouma National Park Heritage with rare orchids, prehistoric trees, ferns, natural water slides and watch the 60ft horsetail of white water of the Tavora waterfalls. Fiji is an adventure in paradise that one will never forget!

Bora Bora

best exotic holidays destinations

Undoubtedly Bora Bora is one among the places on earth most people dream of visiting. A romantic reality and beauty without limits. it sure lives up to the standard of a paradise island. From the second your flight arrives you’ll be embraced by the welcoming culture, a staggering boat ride to your incredible resort. Luxury and Bora Bora goes hand in hand and you’re spoilt with alternatives. It comes to your accommodation as most hotels are built on their own tiny island. Whether you don’t want to leave your bungalow or you want to go on adventures you will be sure to have your all wishes fulfilled at this luxurious destination.


best exotic holidays destinations

Home to the delightful waterfalls, great geysers, and Björk, this tiny Island nation is second to none when it comes to offering travelers a chance to experience the true goodness of the natural world. Iceland is such an amazing place, full of myths and legends and customs that will confuse and delight you. The highlights this trip can be a road trip around Iceland’s Ring Road, scuba diving. The Silfra Fissure, exploring the Golden Circle, trying local seafood in Reykjavik,  lounging in the Blue Lagoon and further hot springs around the island. There is no scarcity of adventure in Iceland!


best exotic holidays destinations

This Asian country is attracted by millions of foreign visitors rounds. The globe per year storing 7100 beautiful islands in its lump. From the silky sandy beaches to the lovely thrilling waves, the country has lots of things to explore.  For the fish at heart, exploring out the surfing and scuba diving is a must – you can become certified before you leave – and for those wanting to take in the rich land with a verdant landscape, don’t miss all of the islands’ luxurious forests, beaches, and tropical hotspots.

If not for the land and sea itself. Visit the Philippines for its overwhelmingly welcome locals who’ll make your vacation even more gratifying.

11. India

exotic destinations around the world
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India is known for its diverse culture and traditions. India is one country where you will get everything for a complete package for holidays. You can taste different foods, can enjoy sunrises to sunsets on soothing beaches in Kerala, can visit Rajasthan for different forts which are the pride of India. Tajmahal is the seventh wonders of the world is located in Agra which looks just amazing in the evening. If planning to get a good taste of Asian countries, it will take a minimum of 2-3 months all inclusive holidays to India as well.

Do you know any other exotic destinations which are a must-visit in 2021? Let us know in the comments section!

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