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Android v IOS: Which is Better for Gaming?

The battle between Android and iOS is one that rages on continuously. This is due to the fact that it can be viewed from several angles. The factors usually taken into consideration include battery life, audio quality, camera quality, and even the price range. For instance, most android users would argue that you buy one of the best android mobile phones under 20000 while this may not be so easy for Apple products.

However, our major point of comparison here is the gaming factor. Which is a better option when it comes to playing games on your mobile? Is it Android or iOS? You might have something in mind already, but we urge you to drop your bias and read the facts provided.

We have considered certain crucial factors in coming to a conclusion, so make sure you read on to know what we think about this. We have relied on flagship versions of both operating systems in coming up with our comparison results.

1.    App Size

The size of memory consumed on your phone is crucial.  Games on Android generally take up less space than games created for iOS devices.

For instance, the mobile game by Activision, Call of Duty, has a size of 2.12 gigabytes on Google Playstore. Whereas the game has a total size of 2.4 gigabytes on the Apple App Store.

Also, Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) has a size of 1.9 gigabytes on the Apple App Store. This same game has a size of just 730 megabytes on Android OS.

If you’re concerned about one which uses less memory, then Android wins here.

2.    Game Availability

Games are more widely available for Android than iOS devices. This is majorly due to the freedom which is given to Android devices. The platform allows users to acquire games from the Google Play Store as well as unknown sources in Android. Hence, players can always download games that may not even be on the Play Store. This makes Android a haven for a variety of game developers, though this comes with a security risk.

On the other hand, it is totally different from Apple devices. Users are totally limited to the Apple App Store on iOS as it is impossible to download apps from anywhere else. Though this might be restrictive to gamers, it is for security purposes.

Considering the freedom which most gamers prefer, Android wins here when it comes to game availability.

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3.   Graphics

This majorly depends on the device which you are playing on. When comparing two flagship devices, such as the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the Asus ROG 5s Pro, both of them offer impressive features.

When playing a high graphics demanding game like PUBG, both phones can easily fit at the highest HD level. Considering this factor, we award both operating systems a draw here.

4.    Gaming Performance

Gaming on both also depends on the particular smartphone being used. For instance, relying on both phones used in the graphics comparison above, the ASUS beats the iPhone. In terms of performance, it has 18 gigabytes of RAM and operates at a faster frame rate.

This is not surprising due to the fact that the phone was created with the aim of being a gaming beast. Here, once again Android wins.


Gaming on either operating system is equally invigorating and fun. But, based on the factors we have considered above, we believe Android phones are superior when it comes to gaming.

Take into consideration that the particular Android you use also matters. You should not expect to enjoy the best quality of gaming on a budget smartphone.

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