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Be vigilant: 4 warning signs of nursing home neglect

When you chose residential care for your loved one, you did it because you wanted what was best for them. You wanted them to get the help and care that they need, all whilst enjoying a happy and content life. However, tales of nursing home neglect and abuse are worryingly common, and it’s not always easy for relatives to recognize when their loved one is a victim. Speak with an attorney like this nursing home injury lawyer if you believe your relative has been victimized.

Making yourself familiar with the signs of nursing home neglect and abuse will make it much easier to spot and you can even prevent it from happening to your loved one. Read on for 4 warning signs of nursing home neglect.

Remember – call law enforcement if you believe your loved one has been abused or exploited whilst in their nursing home. Don’t wait.

Their personal hygiene is poor.

Many residents are still able to look after themselves, even when they move to residential care, however, if your loved one requires basic care to keep themselves well-groomed and clean then you should watch out for the following warning signs.

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Unwashed and unkempt
  • Nails that haven’t been clipped
  • Dirty, soiled clothes

Poor living conditions

Ideally, nursing homes are a positive mix of clinical like cleanliness yet with homely, warming touches. It’s the duty of your loved one’s nursing home for them to provide a safe, clean and hospitable environment for them to live in. The following issues should be flagged immediately:

  • Dirty bed linen
  • Signs of a lack of infection control
  • Staff not using gloves
  • Medical waste not disposed of correctly
  • Bathrooms and eating areas are dirty and unsanitary
  • Dangers such as torn carpet, poor lighting and other tripping hazards

Unexplained injuries

We know that the elderly can be prone to bumps, and even the smallest of accidental bumps can cause huge amounts of swelling and bruising. However, if the injuries are unexplained, or your loved one is reluctant to divulge how they obtained them, you should raise your concerns.


There are other tell-tale signs of abuse that you should also be on the look out for. The main one being a change in your loved one’s personality or their approach to others:

  • Unexplained anger
  • Fear of caregivers
  • Recoiling at being touched
  • Withdrawn from friends and family
  • General unhappiness

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