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7 Ways to Trick Your Brain into Loving Vegetables

If you remember anything that your parents told you when you were younger, it’s probably that you should eat your vegetables. For many people, vegetables are difficult to eat because of their taste and the texture. Some parents try to force their children to eat vegetables, but it can sometimes backfire and result in their children not wanting to eat these foods when they are young or later in life. If you want to try eating vegetables, there are a few ways to trick your brain into loving them, especially if you don’t know that they are in the meals that you are eating.

1- Hide Them

One of the easiest ways to trick your brain into eating more vegetables is to hide them in dishes that you prepare each day. You can sneak vegetables by cutting them into small pieces or slices or pureeing them so that you can’t even tell that they are in the meal. If you can’t taste vegetables because of other ingredients in the meal or because you can’t see them, then your brain can begin to enjoy the vegetables and the nutrients that they offer.

2 – Sauces And Soups

If you enjoy eating soups or using sauces on the foods that you prepare, then consider adding a few vegetables to these dishes. Once you gain a familiarity with how vegetables pair with other ingredients, it will be easier to combine several together. You can get a slight taste of the vegetables that you have instead of being overwhelmed by the raw flavors that are present. If you saute vegetables before adding them to soups and sauces, then you will get a smoky flavor instead of the overall taste of the vegetable, which can help in learning how to enjoy them more often.

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3 – Sweet Treats

An option to enjoy vegetables is to add them to breads, cakes, and muffins that you bake. Zucchini and squash are easy to incorporate into these baked goods. Carrot cake is an option as well, and you can always add sweet notes to the cake by using golden raisins and dates. You can use small pieces of squash to add moisture to your baked goods or carrots when you want more sweetness instead of using a lot of sugar.

4 – Drinking Your Vegetables

One way to enjoy vegetables without seeing what you’re eating is to juice them. If you don’t have a blender or a juicer, you can boil the vegetables that you want and strain the water so that you make a juice to drink each day. Store a few bottles of juice in the refrigerator so that you have them to enjoy in the morning, when you want a snack, or before you go to bed. It’s best to prepare a few juices of different colors as each color offers something different regarding vitamins and minerals. You can also add vegetable juice to ice cream or milk and cream to make a smoothie. If you don’t want to drink juice, you can freeze the juice in containers to make vegetable pops that are similar to an ice cream bar but that are healthier for you.

5 – Dips

Whether you’re planning a party or you enjoy crackers and chips, you can make a variety of dips using vegetables of all kinds. This is an excellent way to get green vegetables into your diet, such as spinach, kale, and onions. Yogurt pairs well with vegetables if you plan to make a dip. You should cut the vegetables into small pieces that can easily be stirred with the base of the dip. Low-fat crackers are an option as well so that you have a healthy snack to enjoy.

6 – Making Chips

If you enjoy chips, then slice a variety of vegetables to bake. Drizzle a small amount of olive oil on the slices before putting them in the oven. Remove the vegetable chips when they are light brown in color and crispy. You can use vegetable dips with the chips that you make to get even more vitamins each day.

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7 – Make It Fun

If your brain sees that the food you’re eating is a fun design instead of boring and an unappealing vegetable, then it’s sometimes easier to eat what’s on your plate. Make a race-car with a cucumber and carrot slices. You can also cut vegetables into blocks to build with them on your plate before eating them.

Although vegetables might not always taste good, they are essential for the health of your body. Find recipes online that you can prepare so that you can hide the vegetables you want to eat. Another option is to play with your food and transform it into something that’s fun instead of something that you see as being forced to eat.

Don’t like eating veggies? Try out these tips on how to trick your brain to eat healthier food, let us know in the comment section what you think about it.

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