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Top 5 Best Home Decor & Design Online Stores | Where to Buy

Everybody wants to have a beautiful surrounding especially where you live. We are very particular about our home and many have an eye for nice decorative surroundings. People save their money , spend hundreds of thousands to just get their desired design for their home, office etc. It is very difficult to find home décor stores that provide you with good quality furniture and home décor hence choosing the correct one is very essential as you cannot go on spending again and again. Durability and quality is the key. 

Here are a few really good home décor and design stores that you can look up on the internet :


This is your dream destination for all the modern home décor. It specializes in contemporary and transitional décor and is a global furniture company which is fast growing. The designs and the quality are both impeccable. You get to choose from bedroom, outdoor, living room furniture, you have rugs and planters , mirrors, different variety of tables, sofas , lounges and much more. It is a trade only company but if you want to buy any of their products they will connect you to a dealer nearby and you can avail the products. 

Ove decors

This is a bath, outdoor and lighting company with its products available in many online stores and also in retail. They have a unique and exceptionally good quality bath collection that makes them the leaders in this category. Ove Decors smart toilets are very impressive. You get to choose from glass shower doors, shower bases and enclosures, freestanding bathtubs, bathroom vanities etc. You also have LED light fixatures and modern outdoor setting furniture. All of these are available at very affordable prices.

Kevin Francis Design

This store is founded by Kevin Francis himself who is a very acclaimed designer with his work gaining a lot of spotlight. The style presented here is traditional décor infused with contemporary spirit. He is the emerging voice of Southern design. His collection of wool and bamboo silk rugs is a feast to the eyes. You get to choose from these amazing newly launched rugs, candles, artwork and furniture.

Designer chandeliers

If you have a soft corner for chandeliers this is the spot for you. It is one of the leaders in the lighting firms with premium quality products.  You get to choose from modern, baccarat chandeliers , office, LED , neon lighting and much more. They have done lots of collaborations with top restaurants , firms and also interior designers.

& then they went wild

 This interior design company gives you warm, playful and bold effect to your interiors. The choice of bold colours the founder Nicki Bamford-Bowes puts into her design is what makes her design so impeccable. It is for those people who want a modern urban touch to their space. The details covered is impressive which results in a flawless result.

These stores and companies are one of the best in the industry due to their exceptional design and concentration to minute details. Hence, next time you want to achieve your dream space , you know where to look.

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