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Keeping up with the 21st century can be hard. Today you have something new in the market and just a week later it gets old. To keep up with trends can be a real hassle, especially when you already have a very busy lifestyle. But does that mean you lose your opportunity to look your best and be familiar with all the latest trends in the market? Absolutely not. Fashion is an ever-changing and growing industry. It keeps on bringing new things and sometimes brings back old looks with a  hint of freshness to them and without any hesitation people go with it. Does that mean only fashion stylists can make and break trends ? No , even you can. If we can create trending reels and make an album billions then the power to trend something is in our hands , the consumer. So without further ado let’s check out the latest trends which are still not too late to try out.

Clear Shoes

The first on the list is Clear shoes. Clear shoes is quite the rage out there. It looks stylish, classy and spotless and clear like the name suggests. Goes with jeans, dresses, shorts , absolutely anything. You get them in heels, blocks, flats, boots – anything you are comfortable with. The straps are durable and provide you great support. These sometimes come with flashing lights, and coloured liquid specially in heels to give it a dramatic look. Some of the stores that you can find these in are : and Truffle collection)

Chains and rings

Next we have accessories, chains and rings especially the metallic ones are quite trending now. You can style it with absolutely any outfit you want. If you are wearing a crop top go for a choker kind of neckpiece and pair it with studded rock-rings. Men can easily add a metallic chain to a hoodie or a suit and it instantly gives you a very classy look. Watches are out, now its time to fill you hands with beautiful gorgeous rings that come so cheap in certain Instagram stores. These are all lightweight and don’t leave scars on your fingers. If they do, consider sizing up. Urbanic is a store where you can grab these neckpieces and rings at very affordable prices.


Everyone is familiar with jackets and shirts and we have worn plenty of them. It gets boring to keep on with the same trends right? So, what if we mix these two up ? That gives you Shakets.  The print of shirts and the look and warmth of jackets. It looks very casual and warm and is your best companion during those transitioning weathers when its neither too hot nor too cold but the chills get to you. You can even pair it up with cute crop tops and flashy tops and its absolutely going to stand out. So get your hands on them right now. Urbanic is your stop, if you want the best shakets and you will not be disappointed. 


Loafers, these have been trending for quite some time now and it is still in. Yes, you did not lose your chance to style up your outfits with these amazing loafers. These are comfortable and just like those new-cuts we used to wear except they have covered toes and are much more breathable and soft. Both men and women can avail this. Another type just like loafers is mules. These are just like sandals but have your toes covered and are mainly worn by women. It comes in various prints and designs and looks exceptionally beautiful with Indian-wear. These styles are originated from Roman footwear and seems quite popular nowadays  because of how comfortable they can be. You can find these on the Instagram store streetstylestore.


Hats , these became obsolete and out of trend years back but a genius decided to come up with bucket hats. It gives you those beach vibes and looks very effortless and casual. It is perfect for your vacations or a lazy rest-day out. You can pair these up with casual clothing specifically, and it looks absolutely stunning. Some of the best hat store online are urban monkey and for bucket hats be sure to check out bonkers corner. You can also click here if you have a liking towards the cowboy look, believe me that is never out of style.

Trends will come and go but you need to be up to date to keep your fashion game strong. All the ladies and men who absolutely love to keep their wardrobe up to date, these list of things are a must have for you all. Make your own trends by pairing up with old trends that no one looks back to anymore and feed your creativity. How you present yourself is very important and who does not want to stand out in a crowd. So this is your chance to boost your confidence level and stand tall with all the latest accessories and clothing that you can add to your style.

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