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10 simple and useful kitchen hacks you must know

For many of us, cookery is a hobby, where we love cooking delicious savouries, baking cakes or cookies, which melt in our mouth or simply experiment in the kitchen with anything and everything that is available. While for some others it is a boring yet an inevitable part of daily chores (if you are a parent or are living away from your family due to work or academics). But irrespective of which category you belong, you ought to spend time in the kitchen. Here, are some really cool, fun and useful kitchen hacks you will definitely like to know about.

Life Hacks for Kitchen –

1. The cast iron skillet or a frying pan is undoubtedly one of the most used and needed a cooking tool in every kitchen. From the one-pot lasagne to a simple egg omelette you’ve done it all with your cast iron skillet. But many times you end up burning the pan giving it those black sticky stains which seem to be difficult to be removed, trust me, it isn’t!

a)- You could add some good amount of salt and warm water to your pan and stir the salt around.

b) – Keep it on the stove and boil it for 15 minutes.

c) – Boiling should remove most of the burnt residue, if it doesn’t add some amount of salt to the pan and scrub it with a soft sponge and rinse it in water.

2. While boiling Pasta, spaghetti or say anything which you would like to keep monitoring so that you don’t over-cook it and are reluctant to cover the vessel with a lid, one cool thing you could do is to cover it with a wooden spoon as it prevents the water from boiling out and making your kitchen looked messed up. As wood is hydrophobic (it does not absorb water), it subsidises the bubbles that come in contact with it thus preventing over-flow of water.

3. Are you out of those, who are health conscious and do not like to add too much of oils and fats to your food or sometimes we end unintentionally add up too much of oil to foods. In that case, you could simply remove the oils and fats from your soups, stew or casseroles by adding some ice cubes to it, in a while you will notice that the ice cubes have attracted all the fats. Now you simply scoop these cubes and re-heat your fat-free food.

4. In the vegetable world, Potato is the king! Not just vegans, but the potato is loved by most eaters as well. ranging from French fries to all the Indian snacks or simply the “Aloo bhaji”-potatoes add flavour that people of all ages relish. Keep this hack in mind when using a potato to peel it of easily. Run the knife from the middle of the potato and boil it (ensure you do not over boil it), now add these potatoes to a vessel containing cold water so that the temperature of the potatoes comes down. now you could remove the skin directly. This hack is especially useful when you need to peel potatoes in large number.

Kitchen hacks

5. Quality of food is very important, in the world of excessive use of artificial means of storage which is ultimate, resulting in chronic diseases like cancer. You could check the freshness of the eggs, by adding eggs to the cold water. If the eggs float on water it is time you throw them away and the seller has given you from the old stock, if they sink they are absolutely fresh and could be eaten.

6. Who does not love cookies? Soft cookies are meant to be eaten soft and thus preventing them from becoming hard and crisp. You could do so by storing these cookies with an apple wedge in a container. This would help retain moisture in the cookies keeping them soft. Dispose the wedge on opening it and add another one.

Here are common food myths that should be busted now.

7. Citrus fruits are believed to be extremely healthy and much consumed. You could squeeze out more juice from these fruits by storing them in refrigerators and microwaving it for 15 to 20 seconds.

8. Nothing’s better than crispy potatoes which have that crunchy taste on the outside while softer on the inside. You could get it right at home even without deep frying it! you could do so by adding half or one spoon of flour.

9. Fruits especially apples, acquire brown or darkened colour after cutting it if left at room temperature. You could do this to keep them from browning-add a tbsp of lime juice to one cup of water. Now soak the apple pieces in it for 5 minutes, Remove the apple pieces and rinse them in cold water.

10. We often have the habit of keeping the bananas at room temperature once bought. On not consuming it for a long time it gets over-ripened, and the peel gets blackened. You could slow down the ripening process by storing them in a refrigerator if ripened. As cooling slows down the ripening process.

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Do you know any simple cooking hacks or tips, do share with us in the comment section.

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