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Best Indian Horror Short Films That Will Give You Sleepless Nights!

6. Let’s Play

Let’s Play is a horror short film by Vikram Bhatt starring Ruslaan Mumtaz.  Four strangers meet in an isolated lodge on a stormy night. Soon they realize some hidden dangers are waiting for them. Watch the film to know if they can survive the stormy night? Be ready for some spine-chilling shock at the end.

Watch Let’s Play Horror short film :

7. HI

Lately, Dr. Ghosh has started seeing things. The short film also breaks the stereotype where the main character/person actually just sit around, waiting for some scares to happen to them.  In this short film, the protagonist actually gets out of the house after seeing creepy stuff.

Watch HI horror short film :

8. Darr

A courier boy comes to a residential building for delivery. The lift was not working so he has to take stairs to the 8th floor.  He hands over the courier to a lady and asks for a glass of water. What happens next is unexpected in this small budget short film.

Watch  Darr (Hindi Short Film) :


There are many benefits of social media but have you ever realized that it can be also dangerous to you and your safety.  What happens if you come to know that someone is always watching you?  The film explores that fear. Watch the film to realize how social media can wreck havoc in your lives.


10. Public Toilet

Three friends find a mobile no. written on the wall of a filthy public toilet. Drunk and feeling high, one of them ends up calling the phone number to find a sensuous female on the other side. A hot chat session follows and soon they realize the upcoming danger.

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Watch Public Toilet | Short Horror film :

Can you watch them all in one go? Lets us know which is your favourite Hindi horror short film.

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