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Best Indian Horror Short Films That Will Give You Sleepless Nights!

 More production houses are now working on creating short films. It is always fun to watch short horror films as they can scare you in a short duration of time. Some short horror films are creepier than full-length horror movies. The best part is that you can watch Indian horror short films on YouTube for free. Here, we present the best short horror films for you to watch. Darken the room, wear your headphones, and let the horror show begin. I am sure you are going to have some sleepless nights after watching these best Indian horror short films.

1. Bloody Mary (2018)

Created by: Shibu

A lady is alone at home, waiting for her husband. She takes the challenge of Bloody Mary to say her name three times. She thinks she has completed the challenge. But then something eerie happens. Let’s see if you can take the Bloody Mary challenge after watching the film.

Watch Bloody Mary here :

2. Raah (2016)

Created by: Prateek Payodhi

Raah is an award-winning short film and was a winner in the 11th FILMshort Competition. A man gives a pretty woman a lift in his car.  They are going along a deserted road said to be haunted. A psychological power struggle soon ensues between them as they both like to play pranks. However, one of them is shocked as events take a turn for the worse. Who is in more danger? Watch it to know.

Watch Raah here :

3. Do Not Open (2017)

Created by: Chiaroscuro Entertainment

Can you believe what you see? Because sometimes eyes betray reality. A girl faces horrors at her home, and she is scared to hell. She tries to find the root of the horrors. But is it real? Watch the film to find out the unexpected reality. 

Watch Do Not Open  here:

4.  13 (2018)

Directed by: Rajesh Manna

A Boy enters an elevator of the residential building. But when the elevator gate was about to be closed, A beautiful girl joins him in the lift. The door of the elevator opens up suspiciously on the 13th floor. What happens next is enough will scare you. Dare to go to the 13th floor after watching the film.

Watch 13 here:

5. 2 AM (2017)

Created by: Team CountryRoads

The short story, based on a true incident, encaptures the life of a medical student; who moves to a new city for higher studies. When she reaches her hostel, things start to take turns without her conscience. The revelation will haunt you for weeks to come. Watch the film to reveal the terrifying story of the girl.

Watch 2 AM here:

6. Let’s Play (2017)

Created by: Vikram Bhatt

Let’s Play is a horror starring Ruslaan Mumtaz.  Four strangers meet in an isolated lodge on a stormy night. Soon they realize some hidden dangers are waiting for them. Watch the film to know if they can survive the stormy night? Be ready for some spine-chilling shock at the end.

Watch Let’s Play here :

7. HI (2014)

Created by: Bhahaish Kapoor

Lately, Dr. Ghosh has started seeing things. The short film also breaks the stereotype where the main character/person actually just sit around, waiting for some scares to happen to them.  In this short film, the protagonist actually gets out of the house after seeing creepy stuff.

Watch HI here :

8. Darr (2017)

Directed by: Siddhi Khardikkar 

A courier boy comes to a residential building for delivery. The lift was not working, so he has to take stairs to the 8th floor.  He hands over the courier to a lady and asks for a glass of water. What happens next is unexpected in this small budget short film. Watch it to get sleepless nights for months, within a few minutes.

Watch  Darr here :

9. I SEE YOU (2017)

Crated by: Shiv Vema Saptraj Chakraborty

There are many benefits of social media, but have you ever realized that it can also be dangerous to you and your safety. What happens if you get to know that someone is always watching you? The film explores that fear. Watch the film to see the curse of social media.

Watch I SEE YOU here :

10. Public Toilet (2016)

Directed by: Anuj Tiwari

The story is about three drunk friends who find a mobile number written on the wall of a filthy public toilet. One of the guys dials the number. It is a female voice on the other side. A hot chat session follows, which soon endangers their lives. Watch this movie and be careful while talking to unknown numbers.

Watch Public Toilet here :

11. One & a Half Soul (2019)

Directed by: Benoy Mittra

One & a Half Soul is a story of a newly married couple. They move into a house but finds it possessed with some supernatural power. A woman tells them the reason behind it. The ghost of a woman and child haunts the house. What will the couple do to solve the issue? Watch to know the answers.

Watch One & a Half Soul here:

12. Kanche (2019)

Directed by: Swati Sarkar

A 10 years old kid Om who loves reading ghost stories, tries a trick on his best friend, Mona. But he is caught and punished. Because of embarrassment, he avoids attending class for some days. When the teacher comes to ask for him, he tells the story of his dead mother and her ghost. His teacher to prove him wrong falls for the same trick. But this time, is it a trick or truth?

Watch Kanche here:

13. The Bet (2017)

Directed by: Murtaza Malik

The bet is an award-winning short film based on a true story. It encapsulates the incident when Vicky and his five friends accept the challenge to spend a night in a haunted house. Will they survive? It’s a spine chilling movie with an unexpected ending.

Watch The Bet here:

14. A Tale of an Onion Witch-Scary Short Film (2019)

Directed by: Piyush Srivastava

The story encaptures two North-Indian flatmates of the gym going generation. They come across the story of a witch who wanders around and asks for onion. They find it hard to believe until an attractive woman knocks their door at midnight to unravel their red fate. Once you watch the movie, you will dare not to disbelieve in the tales that surround you.

15. Koshish (2017)

Created by: Yash Gupta

Koshish is another short movie based on a true story. This award-winning film has all the horror elements from supernatural to paranormal activities. It is not for weak-hearted people. Only if your blood doesn’t drain on seeing something extremely horrifying, then only watch the movie. 

Watch Koshish here:

Can you watch them all in one go? Lets us know which is your favorite Hindi horror short film.

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